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The List: Iran Bans Luxury Imports

            On November 8, the Islamic Republic announced a ban on over 70 types of foreign luxury goods. Iran Daily reported that the ban on imports could save the country $4 billion annually. Tehran’s foreign currency reserves are low due to international sanctions on its oil sales. Oil exports were down 1 million barrels per day in October, according to the International Energy Agency. Deputy Minister of Industries, Mines and Commerce Hamid Safdel, said that some items like mobile phones and computers could be removed from the list if similar goods are not produced domestically. The following is the list of banned categories of goods published by Iranian media.


1. Appliances

2. Clothing

3. Toiletries (soap, shampoo, toothpaste, dental floss, tooth cleaning, etc)

4. All agriculture-related goods

5. Cars

7. Chandeliers

9. Furniture

10. Kitchen appliances

11. Kitchen utensils

12. Compact fluorescent lamps

13. Water coolers

14. Types of fish other than tuna

15. Types of flowers

16. Fruit juices and soft drinks

17. Spice packages

18. Cocoa, coffee, cocoa powder, chocolate, sweets

19. Jams, jellies and marmalade

20. Some petroleum gases

21. Face and hair cosmetics

22. Waxes

23. Candles and matches

24. Household insecticides

25. Tubs

26. Lavatories

27. Dishwashers

28. Plastic products

29. Clothing Accessories

30. Tanned hides and skins

31. Suitcases

32. Woodworking and wood products

33. Crafts

34. Handcrafts

35. Blankets and rugs

36. Types of wallpaper and toilet paper

37. Types of Stationery

38. Carpet and flooring made from oil

39. Half Coats and overcoats

40. Shoe

41. Umbrella

42. Cut stones

43. Some building materials (brick, tile, mosaic)

44. Variety of statues

45. Jewelry and ornaments

46. Carpentry

47. Stove and oven

48. Radiator

49. Hand tools (pliers, narrow tail, wrenches)

50. Copper artifacts

51. Archive shelving

52. Phones

53. Motorcycles

54. Bicycles

55. Recreational boats

56. Wristwatches

57. Music accessories

58. Lights and lighting

59. Toy

60. Lighters and pipe

61. Painting

62. Sauces

63. Pipes and hoses

64. Polymeric materials

65. Protective health products (like masks)

66. Coated/rubber materials

67. Fiber board

68. Cotton waste material

69. Aluminum products

70. Calculators

71. Batteries

72. Platinum

73. Car Batteries

74. Microphone and speaker

75. Disks and CDs

76. Mobile phones
. Personal computers and performance parts/software


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