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UN: Mixed Progress on Iran Nuke Program

            Iran’s has begun fulfilling additional commitments it made in July to rollback its nuclear program, according to the lat

UN: Iran Complying with Interim Nuke Deal

             On August 20, the U.N.

Human Rights Watch: Locked Up in Karaj

            More than 60 prisoners in Karaj, near Tehran, are serving terms for exercising their fundamental rights of free speech and pe

US Report on Iran's Religious Freedom Abuses

           Iran’s government reportedly continued to imprison, harass intimidate and discriminate against people based on religious belief

Four Journalists, Three Americans Detained

           Three American journalists, including The Washington Post correspondent Jason Rezaian, have Tags: Human Rights, press freedom, Reports

Report: Guiding Principles for Nuclear Talks

          Senior officials from the world’s six major powers have outlined five key principles that must underpin a deal, according to a new In

Report: Prospects for Sanctions Relief in Deal

           Credible sanctions relief will be a crucial factor in convincing Iran to sign a nuclear accord, according to a new report by the Cent

Report: Iran’s Practical Nuclear Needs

            On July 14, quasi-official website NuclearEnergy.ir published the most detailed report to date on Iran’s “practica

Report: UK Policy on Iran

            On July 14, the House of Commons Foreign Affairs Committee released a comprehensive Tags: Britain, Diplomacy, UK, United Kingdom, Reports

Poll: Majority of Americans Favor Diplomacy

           Nearly two-thirds of the American public favors making a deal with Iran that would limit its uranium enrichment capacity and impose a

Report: US Concerns and Responses to Iran

            Hassan Rouhani’s election to the presidency has improved prospects for ending 34 years of U.S.-Iran estrangement, accord

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Reports: Crackdown on Iran’s Journalists

            The crackdown on journalists that began in that aftermath of Iran’s disputed 2009 presidential election is continuing tod

Twiplomacy Report on Iran’s Leaders

            President Hassan Rouhani’s Twitter account saw the most impressive growth in followers last year among accounts of other wor

Report: Solving the Iranian Nuclear Puzzle

            The most difficult issues in the Iran nuclear talks “will not likely be settled until the 11th hour, but the two sides ha

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Iran’s Influence in Afghanistan: Implications for US Drawdown

           The U.S.

UN: Iran Still Complying with Nuclear Deal

            The U.N.

Pew: Iran Unpopular around the World

            Iran’s global image remains overwhelmingly negative one year after President Hassan Rouhani’s election, according t

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Report: Internal Tensions in Iran

            Iran’s internal politics and economic situation are fraught with tension, according to data compiled by international bod

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Report: Easing U.S. Sanctions on Iran

            The United States has several ways to suspend or terminate sanction on Iran in the e

Report: Easing E.U. Sanctions on Iran

            The European Union would likely be able to lift sanctions on Iran more easily than t

Report: Rouhani's Plan to Revive Oil Industry

            President Hassan Rouhani and his oil minister, Bijan Namdar Zanganeh, have launched an ambitious reform program for the oil and

Gallup Poll: Iranians Not So Happy

            On June 3, Gallup rereleased its most recent rankings of positive emotions, with Iran at 93 on a list of 138 countries.

ISIS: 5 Proposals to Avoid in an Iran Deal

            Five commonly discussed proposals for an Iran nuclear deal are flawed, according to a new Institute for Science and Internation

Report: Limiting Iran’s Enrichment Capacity

            Limiting Iran’s capacity to enrich uranium may be the most challenging issue in talks between the Islamic Republic and th

New Amnesty Report:Students Expelled, Jailed

            Iran’s higher education institutions no longer enjoy any meaningful degree of academic freedom, according to a wide-rangi

UN: Iran Complying with Interim Nuke Deal

            On May 23, the U.N.

Iran and IAEA: On Past Military Dimensions

           On May 21, Iran and the U.N.

Report: Evin Prison Raid

            Security officials assaulted dozens of political prisoners and prisoners of conscience in Tehran’s infamous Evin Prison

Report: Solving the Nuclear Rubik’s™ Cube

            International Crisis Group presented a 40-measure action plan for a comprehensive nuclear deal with Iran in a new report.

Report: Iran’s Missiles and a Final Deal

            Iran’s existing ballistic missiles, if fitted with a nuclear warhead, could pose a credible threat to the region.

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