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Report: Iran is Top Low-Cost Tourist Destination

Iran is the most attractive tourist destination in the world in terms of price competitiveness, one of the 14 indicators in the World Economic Forum’s Travel & Tourism Competitiveness

Report: Gulf States Outspend Iran on Military

The Arab Gulf states have a “decisive advantage over Iran in both the size of their recent military spending and the size and quality of their arms transfers and imports of military tech
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Report: Impact of Sanctions on Iran

Sanctions have constricted Iran’s economy and played a role in bringing Iran to the negotiating table over its nuclear program, according to Kenneth Katzman in an updated Congressional Res

North Korea & Iran Nuclear Deals Compared

Differences outweigh similarities in comparing the blueprint for a nuclear deal with Iran and the 1994 Agreed Framework with North Korea, according to George Perkovich, Vice President for Stud
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Latest US Polls on Iran Deal

The following are key findings from recent polls asking Americans about the blueprint for a nuclear deal announced on April 2 by Iran and the world’s six major powers and the talks in gene

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UN: Iran Complying with Interim Nuke Deal

On April 20, the U.N. nuclear watchdog reported that Iran has continued to meet its commitments under the interim nuclear agreement with the world’s six major powers.

New Polls: A Third of Americans Support Nuke Plan

The following are key findings from four recent polls, which were conducted in the days following the announcement of a nuclear framework between Iran and the world's six major powers.

Amnesty Report: Iran Death Penalties

In 2014, Iranian authorities announced 289 executions, “but hundreds more were carried out which were not officially acknowledged,” according to a new report by Amnesty International

Poll: Iranians See Economy Improving

Iranians believe economic conditions have improved since sanctions were eased under the Joint Plan of Action in November 2013, according to a new Gallup poll.

Polls: Americans Support Nuke Talks

The following are excerpts from five recent polls, four of which found that more Americans approve of nuclear talks with Iran than disapprove.
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Report: Key Criteria for Nuclear Deal

A new report by the Center for Strategic and International Studies outlines key criteria for judging a nuclear agreement with Iran.

Report: Proposed Laws Could Restrict Women’s Reproductive and Divorce Rights

Two proposed laws could restrict women’s reproductive rights in Iran, according to a new report by Amnesty International.

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UN Report: Human Rights Concerns in Iran

Iran failed to address key human rights issues in 2014, according to a new report from the U.N. Office of the Secretary General to the U.N. Human Rights Council.

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Poll: Majority of Americans Back Nuke Deal

Americans broadly support direct negotiations with Iran about its nuclear program, according to a new poll by CNN and ORC International.

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Gallup: Iranians Hopeful for Nuclear Deal

Iranians are more optimistic that the ongoing nuclear talks will produce an agreement than they were in May 2013, according to a new Gallup

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Report: Saudi-Iranian 'Cold War' in Yemen

Regional competition between Iran and Saudi Arabia has aggravated unrest in Yemen, according to a new publication by Peter Salisbury from the Chatham House Middle East and North Africa Programm

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UN: Questions Remain on Nuclear Research

On February 19, the U.N. nuclear watchdog reported that Iran has yet to provide explanations regarding possible military dimensions of its nuclear program.

Report: Nuke Deal Would Support Nonproliferation

A nuclear deal between Iran and the world’s six major powers would generally strengthen nonproliferation efforts, according to a new report by Jeffrey Kaplow and Rebecca Davis Gibbons at t

Report: Congress’s Role in Implementing a Nuclear Deal

If the world’s six major powers and Iran agree on a nuclear deal, Congress could take a wide range of actions affecting implementation, according to a new report by the Rand Corporation.

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Nuke Deal Could Boost US-Iran Relations

A nuclear deal could generate new opportunities for cooperation between the United States and Iran, according to a new policy brief by the Center for a New American Security.

Report: Fog Recedes from Nuclear Talks

             Iran and the world’s six major powers failed to reach a final nuclear deal in November due to disagreement on sanc

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Report: Little Progress on Internet Freedom

             On December 4, Freedom House released its fifth annual "Freedom on the Net" report, a comprehensive study of i

Report: Iran Tightens Grip on Internet

            Iran's government is pursuing measures to increase its control over Internet access, according to a new Tags: Human Rights, Reports

UN: Little Progress on Iran Nuclear Program

            Iran still has not provided information on key areas of investigation into the potential military dimensions of its nuclear pro

World Bank: Easier to Do Business in Iran

            Iran was ranked 130 out of 189 economies by the World Bank in its new Doing Business Tags: Business, Economy, Reports

UN Report: Human Rights Undermined

            On October 23, the U.N.

Report: Iran's Media on Syria Conflict

            Iranian media coverage of the Syria conflict propagates official state policy and emphasizes the legitimacy of the Syrian stat

Report: Iran’s Evolving Rockets & Missiles

             Iran is developing more advanced rockets and missiles to compensate for shortcomings in its conventional forces, accordin

Report: Iran’s Effective Breakout

            The issue of Iran’s “breakout” capability, the time needed to obtain enough weapons-grad

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Report: Arab Minority Faces Discrimination

           Iran’s Arab minority has suffered from political, economic and cultural discrimination under multiple administrations, according to a new report

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