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Pew: Rising Tide of Restrictions on Religion

             Among 197 countries, Iran ranked sixth in restricting freedom of religion, according to a Pew Research Center survey.

Congress Report: Iran Intelligence Expanding

           Iran’s Ministry of Intelligence and Security has recently expanded its operations in the Middle East and beyond, most no

Pew: Iran’s Popularity (or Not) in the World

            As part of its Global Attitudes Project, the Pew Research Center surveyed attitudes about Iran among major countries.

Iran Boosts North Korean Missile Program

             Iran may have helped North Korea launch a multistage rocket and put a satellite into orbit on December 12, according to

Iran’s Subsidy Reform: RIP

           In November 2012, Iran’s parliament suspended subsidy reform and is now unlikely to allow “drastic increases&rdq

U.S. Intelligence: Iran Key to Future Mideast Stability

            Iran’s nuclear intentions will be a key variable in future Middle East stability, according to a new report by the U.S.

U.S.-Iranian Competition in the Middle East

            The Arab uprisings shattered the conventional military balance between Iran and the United States in the Middle East, a

U.S. Intelligence: Iran Key to Future Mideast Stability

            Iran’s potential decision to build a nuclear weapon may be the key variable in the future stability of the Middle East, a

Dealing with the Iranian Nuclear Challenge

            Tehran has “no urgent incentive to build nuclear weapons” according to a new policy brief by Robert Litwak.

Israeli Support Wanes for Iran Strike

            Support for an Israeli strike on Iran has waned over the last year, according to a new study.

Striking Iran: An Avoidable Disaster?

            Iran’s most advanced missiles cannot reliably reach Israel, according to a new study by the Middle East Pol

U.N. Watchdog: Iran Expands Nuclear Activities

            On November 16, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) reported that Iran is continuing to enrich uranium, upgrade its f

Economic Impact of a U.S.-Iran Conflict

            On November 16, a new report by the Federation of American Scientists estimated that a full-scale U.S.

U.N. Nuclear Watchdog: No progress over past year

            On November 5, United Nations nuclear chief Yukiya Amano announced that his agency “cannot conclude that all nuclear mate

Tribunal Blames Iran for Abuses

            On October 27, the Iran Tribunal charged that the Islamic Republic was responsible “for gross violations of human rights

Pew: More Americans Favor Firm Stand on Iran

            The Pew Research Center conducted a poll on the U.S. public‘s views on the Middle East in early October.

Escalating US-Iran Rivalry

            On October 10, the Center for Strategic and International Studies warned that sanctions and diplomatic isolation may not convin

Opiate Trafficking Through Iran

            On October 11, the U.N.

IMF Forecasts Limited Sanctions Impact

            The International Monetary Fund (IMF) forecasts economic growth and lower inflation for Iran in 2013, suggesting that sanctions ha

Iran's Enrichment Pace

           On Oct.

Rand: Containing Iran

            On Sept.

Iran and the Arab Spring: Ascendancy Frustrated

Shahram Chubin

Benefits and Costs of Military Action Against Iran

On Sept. 13, a group of former U.S.

The Limits on U.S. Military Options

On Sept.6, Anthony Cordesman and Abdullah Toukan of the Center for Strategic and International Studies released a report assessing U.S. military options in Iran. It noted that U.S.

U.N. Report Faults Iran for Lack of Cooperation

            On August 30, the U.N.

Iran “Leading” State Sponsor of Terrorism

On July 31, the State Department reported that Iran is the world’s “leading” state sponsor of terrorism.

ICG Warns on Brinksmanship with Iran

On June 15, the International Crisis Group issued a report warning that the new negotiations between the world’s six major powers and Iran is becom

U.S. Report on Iran Human Rights Abuses

On May 24, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton released the annual U.S. report on worldwide human rights violations.

Ties Grow Between Iran and China

The following is an excerpt from a new report by Alireza Nader and Scott Harold entitled “China and Iran: Economic, Political, and Military Relations” issued May 3, 2012 by the Rand

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Stimson: Engaging Iran on Afghanistan

Ellen Laipson

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