U.S. "Appalled" After Blogger Dies in Iran Prison

November 13, 2012

            On November 9, the United States condemned Iran's persecution of blogger Sattar Beheshti, who died in prison reportedly after being tortured. State Department Spokesperson Victoria Nuland issued the following statement. 

            We are appalled by reports that Iranian authorities tortured and killed blogger and activist Sattar Beheshti during a prison interrogation. Besheshti had been arrested for a crime no greater than expressing his political opinion online. We join the international community in demanding the Iranian government investigate this murder, hold accountable those responsible for Beheshti's arrest, torture, and killing, and immediately cease all reported harassment of Beheshti’s family.

            We extend condolences to Beheshti's family in their time of grief, as well as to the families of all Iranians who have been falsely accused, illegally detained, or wrongly killed at the hands of a brutal and hypocritical regime. Sattar Beheshti is just one of thousands of victims of the Iranian government's campaign of violent repression and efforts to curtail basic freedoms at all costs. We will continue to stand with the Iranian people and condemn the abuses against Beheshti and countless others.  

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