Iran on the US #1: Trump’s Inauguration

January 30, 2017

President Trump’s inauguration provoked widespread interest from Iran’s media and across its political spectrum. Front pages covered everything from the President’s first days in office to how the First Lady provided a “light on [the] scary face of Trump.” Newspapers analyzed how the new U.S. administration might deal with the Islamic Republic, particularly the future of the 2015 nuclear deal. They focused heavily on the Inauguration Day protests and the Women’s Marches worldwide the next day. The implicit message was that the American political system had failed—and produced social unrest. “[Sixty] Cities in the World Start Riots against Trump,” one hardline paper declared. Below is a selection of newspaper covers with their translated headlines from the days leading up to and following the inauguration.



Tamashagaran Jan23.jpg

Photo: “White House Knight:

Trump Rises!

In Photo: New Controversy: Trump’s Remarks Were Similar to Those of the Villain of the Batman movie”


Aftab-e Yazd

Aftabe Yazd Jan23.jpg

In photo: “Melania; A Light on the Scary Face of Trump!

A Report on the Ways Melania Trump Is Different from Previous US First Ladies”


Payam-e Zaman

Payme Zaman Jan23.jpg

At the top: Iran VP: “JCPOA Prepared the Grounds for Working with the World”

Mid-page: “Women Hold Rallies against Trump in Washington”



Noavaran Jan24.jpg

In photo: “Old rivalry and forced partnership: Trump’s self-interest isolationism doesn’t include Russia”



Resalat Jan23.jpg

Lower right: “Political Earthquake in West:

What Do Massive Protest Rallies against Trump Mean?”

Photo: “Millions of people in Europe and America rally against Trump”



Khorasan Jan22.jpg

In photo: “World-wide demonstrations against Trump: Trump’s first decisions to repeal Obamacare and create a missile shield against Iran”


Setareh Sobh

Setareh Sobh Jan24.jpg

In photo: “Accusation; Ties with Russia

Trump’s Senior Advisor Michael Flynn Interrogated”

Bottom right: “Analyst: Trump Doesn’t Have a Correct Understanding of Political Equations”


Setareh Sobh

Setareh Sobh Jan18.jpg

Center photo: “Obama to Trump: JCPOA Is Not a Deal between Iran and US”

Under Kerry: “John Kerry: JCPOA Is a Historic Deal”

Under Trump: “Trump: JCPOA Is Most Stupid Deal I’ve Ever Seen”

Under Obama: “Obama: Diplomacy Is Preferred to War”


Jomhouri Eslami

Jomhouri Eslami Jan23.jpg

Lower center: “Unprecedented Global Opposition to New US President Continues”

Middle left: “Pope Warns against Beginning of New Era of Populism in US”


Siasat-e Rooz

Siasate Rooz Jan23.jpg

In photo: “An Excuse Called Trump:

Rallies of millions of women held against America’s ruling structure”



Ebtekar Jan23.jpg

On middle right: “A positive step: political experts examine reasons Trump didn’t mention the issue of the JCPOA in the inauguration ceremony”



Javan Jan22.jpg

Top headline: “Trump Comes with Iranophobia:

60 Cities in the World Start Riots against Trump”



Kayhan Jan22.jpg

At bottom left: “Several Months after Controversial Election: Unrest and Chaos in America don’t relent”



Kayhan Jan23.jpg

Bottom photo: “West Terrified that Trump May Become another Gorbachev”



Shahrvand Jan24.jpg

Bottom left: “Psychological View of New US President: The Donald with Seven Faces”


Images and most translations via Iran Front Page for the days of Jan. 18, Jan. 22, Jan. 23, and Jan. 24.

Daniel Schnur, a research assistant at the U.S. Institute of Peace, contributed to this roundup.