Former US Officials on Trump's Iran Strategy

October 13, 2017

On October 13, former U.S. officials involved with negotiations, development and implementation of the Iran nuclear deal held a press call to discuss President Trump’s impending decision to decertify the agreement. The officials included Wendy Sherman, former Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs, Ben Rhodes, former Deputy National Security Advisor to President Obama, and Robert Malley, former Senior Adviser to the President and White House Coordinator for the Middle East, North Africa and the Gulf region.

Trump Speech on Iran: World Reacts

October 13, 2017

In response to President Trump’s speech on October 13, the other signatories to the nuclear deal made the following statements.


Declaration by the Heads of State and Government of France, Germany and the United Kingdom

We, the Leaders of France, Germany and the United Kingdom take note of President Trump’s decision not to recertify Iran’s compliance with the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action to Congress and are concerned by the possible implications.

Poll: Majority of Americans Support Iran Deal

October 6, 2017
The majority of Americans think the United States should participate in an agreement with Iran that lifts some sanctions in exchange for strict limits on its nuclear program, according to a new survey from The Chicago Council on Global Affairs. Notably, public opinion has remained consistent from 2016 to 2017 regarding the Iran deal.
Overall, 62 percent of respondents said that nuclear proliferation, from friendly or unfriendly countries, is a critical threat.

US Defense, Intelligence Officials on Nuclear Deal

October 3, 2017

On October 3, Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said that it was in the U.S. national interest to continue to honor the nuclear deal if Iran is meeting its obligations. “I believe at this point in time, absent indications to the contrary, it is something the President should consider staying with,” he told the Senate Armed Services Committee. Mattis, however, voiced support for the Trump administration’s Iran policy review.

General Dunford on Challenge of Iran

September 29, 2017
On September 26, General Joseph F. Dunford, Jr. (United States Marine Corps), appeared before the Senate Armed Services Committee to discuss his reappointment to the grade of general and reappointment to be Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. When asked about the nature of the threat posed by Iran, Dunford said the Islamic Republic “seeks to reduce U.S.

Iran Reacts to Trump Speech

September 25, 2017

Iranian officials reacted angrily to President Donald Trump’s address to the U.N. General Assembly. On September 19, he referred to the Islamic Republic as a “murderous regime” and a “corrupt dictatorship” posing as a democracy. The following are reactions from Iran.