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Obama Speaks on Iran at UN

      President Barack Obama told the U.N.

Obama and Rouhani Exchange Letters

             President Barack Obama confirmed in a televised interview that he has exchanged letters with President Hassan Rouhani.

Obama: Shifting Language on Iran?

            On September 10, President Barack Obama warned that inaction in the face of Syria’s use of chemical weapons would embolde

U.S. Eases Sanctions for Medicine, Sports

            On September 10, the U.S. Treasury eased sanctions on humanitarian activity and athletic exchanges with Iran.

US Expands Sanctions, EU Court Voids Others

            On September 6, Iran faced new sanctions imposed by the United States as the top European court mandated the lifting of sanctio

US Renews Sanctions Waivers for 11 Nations

            On September 6, the United States extended Iran sanctions waivers to Japan and 10 E.U.

Iran Factor in U.S. Syria Strike

            Iran has been a constant subtext of the Obama administration’s campaign to justify a military strike on Syria.

Obama on New Iranian President

            On August 4, the Obama administration welcomed Hassan Rouhani’s inauguration as Iran’s new president.

A Setback for US-Iran?

            On July 31, the U.S.

US Eases Rules on Export of Humanitarian Aid

            On July 25, the United States introduced new measures to ease the export of humanitarian goods, especially medical supplies, t

US Report: Limited Sanctions Impact

            The following are excerpts from a new Congressional Research Service report on Iran sanctions with a link

Obama on Rouhani Victory

      On June 17, President Barack Obama said

Election: US Reacts to Results

            In two separate statements, the United States called

US Sanctions Iran Leadership

           On June 4, the United States sanctioned a major network of front companies for hiding assets on behalf of Iranian leaders.

US Sanctions Iran Currency

      On June 3, the United States imposed sanctions for the first time on Iran’s currency, the rial.

Kerry Chastises Iran on Election

            On May 24,Tags: Election, Iran Politics, Presidency, U.S. Policy, United States

US Targets Iran Oil, Sanctions Evaders

            On May 31, the United States targeted Iranian petrochemical companies for the first time.

US Lifts Sanctions

            On May 30, the United States authorized the export of cell phones, computers and internet equipment to Iran.

US Sanctions Nuclear and Missile Programs

            On May 23, the U.S.

U.S. Report on Iran Religious Freedom Abuses

            Iran’s government reportedly imprisoned, harassed and discriminated against more people for their religious beliefs in 2

Top US Officials on Sanctions Impact

            On May 15, two top officials in the Obama administration claimed U.S.

New U.S. Sanctions on Nuclear Program, Bank and Shipping

            On May 9, the State Department imposed new sanctions on four Iranian companies and one individual for providing “goods, tech

U.S. Offers Earthquake Aid to Iran, Pakistan

            On April 16, Secretary of State John Kerry offered assistance to Iran and Pakistan after a 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit their b

New U.S. Sanctions on Banks, Oil

            On April 11, the U.S.

U.S. Offers Earthquake Aid to Iran

            On April 10, the United States offered aid to Iran one day after a 6.1 magnitude earthquake hit the country’s south.

Kerry on Nuke Talks: What’s Next?

            Iran and the world’s six major powers failed to compromise on Tehran’s controversial nuclear program in the fifth r

Kerry Presses Iraq on Iran Flights to Syria

            On March 24, Secretary of State John Kerry pressed Iraq to inspect Iranian cargo flights for arms.

Obama and Netanyahu Agree on Iran

            President Obama, on his first visit to Israel since taking office, warned that the time left to solve the Iranian nuclear issue

Kerry’s Iran Connection on Nowruz

            On March 20, Secretary of State John Kerry sent “warm wishes for health and prosperity” to Iranians for Nowruz, th

Obama on Nowruz: New U.S.-Iran Relationship Possible

            On March 18, President Obama said there could be a “new relationship” with Iran if it meets international obligati

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