Ahmadinejad Concedes to Supreme Leader

November 2, 2012

            On November 1, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad pledged to focus on Iran’s economic problems instead of domestic quarrels in a letter to Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. The letter was posted on the president’s website just one day after Khamenei called public disputes treasonous. The letter’s language seemingly attempts to calm internal tensions, although the president also notes his own high standing in Iran’s political system. Ahmadinejad expects Khamenei to “safeguard” his status. The following are press excerpts out of Tehran.

            "The government welcomes the timely guidelines [by the Supreme Leader] ... [and] won't engage in domestic quarrels and disputes and will patiently tolerate all unkind behavior as before.”
            “The nation and the country are under pressure as a result of enemy plans… My colleagues and I have employed all our energies around the clock to handle the affairs and confront wide-ranging conspiracies by those who wish us ill, to alleviate pressures on the people.”
            “But it requires the contribution of all branches and a sense of their responsibility and co-operation with the government, which is now at the forefront of (fighting the West’s) full-fledged economic war.”
            "I'm sure his excellency emphasizes the absolute safeguarding of the constitution and the high status of the nation's elected president, who holds the highest official rank after the Supreme Leader.”
            “Your excellency has for several times reiterated that everyone should act in a way as to have a vibrant election [for president next June] and with the maximum voter turnout. The presidential election is the manifestation of national will and symbol of popular sovereignty and the highest show of democracy in the country.”