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Geneva Round III: High Hopes, Deep Divide

            On the eve of new talks, key players from Iran and the world’s six major powers remained firmly committed to rival positi

U.N. Report: Iran Cut Nuclear Stockpile 75%

            Iran is ahead of schedule in implementing the interim nuclear deal, according to the U.N. nuclear watchdog.

Khamenei’s Red Lines on Nuclear Talks

            On April 9, Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei outlined six redlines on nuclear talks in an address to the Atomic Energy Org

Rouhani: Sanctions Starting to Unravel

            On April 15, President Hassan Rouhani told a crowd in Sistan and Baluchistan province that international sanctions on Iran are

Halfway: US Assesses Nuke Talks with Iran

      On April 9, a senior U.S.

Zarif and Ashton on April Nuclear Talks

      On April 9, Iranian Foreign Minister Moh

Kerry: Talks Aim to Extend Breakout Window

            On April 8, Secretary of State John Kerry testified on diplomatic efforts to solve the Iranian nuclear dispute at a budget hear

US Briefs on April Vienna Nuke Talks

      On April 4, the U.S.

US and Saudi Arabia: Differences on Iran

Interview with David Ottaway by Faris Al Sulayman

EU for Iran Role in Syria Diplomacy, Greater Engagement

            On April 3, the European Union Parliament passed a resolution calling for an Iranian role in Syria diplomacy and greater E.U.-I

Iran Nuclear Talks Plow Ahead

            The following article was originally published as Tags: Diplomacy, Nuclear

Rouhani on Nowruz: Nuke Agreement Possible

           On March 20, President Hassan Rouhani expressed optimism for reaching a final nuclear agreement in a televised statement marking Now

Iran Complying with Interim Nuke Agreement

           On March 20, the U.N.

Congress Warns Iran in Letters to Obama

      On March 18, 83 U

Zarif and Ashton: Nuke Deal Prospects

            At a press conference on March 9, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif and E.U.

EU’s Ashton on Landmark Visit to Iran

            E.U. foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton arrived in Tehran on March 8 for a two-day visit—the first visit by an E.U.

Centrifuges: Key to Final Nuclear Deal

David Albright and Andrea Stricker

Realistic Options for Final Nuclear Deal

            A final nuclear deal that satisfies both Iran and the world’s six major powers will require hard compromises on five key

US General on Iran: Challenge & Opportunity

      On March 5, U.S.

Israeli Voices on Iran Part 1: Hawks

            On March 4, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu urged world powers to have Iran “fully dismantle its nuclear capab

Israeli Voices on Iran Part 2: Doves

            Israel does not speak with one voice on Iran. Several politicians and current and former intelligence officials have bro

Kerry: Time to Seize Diplomatic Moment

            On March 2 and 3, Treasury Secretary Jack Lew and Secretary of State John Kerry defended the Obama administration’s commi

UN Watchdog: Iran Implementing Nuke Deal

       On March 3, the U.N.

US Briefs Israel on Iran Nuke Talks

      On February 22, Under Secretary of State f

Vienna Talks: New Nuke Deal Framework

            On February 20, Iran and the world’s six major powers agreed on a framework for comprehensive talks on Tehran’s co

UN Report: Iran’s Uranium Stockpile Shrunk

            Iran’s stockpile of higher-enriched uranium has shrunk significantly for the first time in four years, according to a ne

Political Cartoons II: Iran and the Arabs

            The following political cartoons illustrate Iranian views of Arab reactions to progress on solving the nuclear dispute.

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