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Iran's Leaders on Iraq Crisis and ISIS

            Iran’s leaders are unified in their support for the Iraqi government against The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS

US and Iran Leaders on Iraq Crisis

            Both Washington and Tehran have indicated openness to working cooperatively to quell the Iraq crisis.

So what happened? Rouhani visits Turkey

Henri Barkey

Thousands Suffer from Chemical Weapons Quarter Century Later

            The following article first appeared in Tags: Chemical Weapons, Iran-Iraq War, Iraq

Iran’s Leaders Alarmed by Sunni-Shiite Tension

            Iran’s top religious and political leaders are alarmed by growing Sunni-Shiite tension in the Middle East.

Poll: Iranians Split on Syria Policy

            A slight majority of Iranians think their government is having a negative impact on developments in Syria, according to a newly

Iran Condemns Boston Attack, Slams U.S. Policy

            Iran's supreme leader condemned the two bomb blasts at the Boston Marathon, which killed three people and wounded more than 170

Kerry Presses Iraq on Iran Flights to Syria

            On March 24, Secretary of State John Kerry pressed Iraq to inspect Iranian cargo flights for arms.

Poll: Iran Unpopular in Arab and Muslim Eyes

            Iran is now viewed unfavorably in 14 out of 20 Arab and Muslim countries, according to a new poll by Zogby Research Services.

Iran’s Post-U.S. Influence in Iraq

Interview with Ambassador Jim Jeffrey

Iran’s Post-U.S. Influence in Iraq

Interview with Ambassador Jim Jeffrey

Iran “Leading” State Sponsor of Terrorism

On July 31, the State Department reported that Iran is the world’s “leading” state sponsor of terrorism.

Iraq Adopts Iran's Backing of Assad

Juan Cole

Controversy Flares over Iran Arms to Iraq

Semira N. Nikou

The Limits of Iran’s Soft Power

Michael Eisenstadt

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