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Green Movement

Video: Largest protests since 2009 election

            On June 4, thousands reportedly turned the funeral of Ayatollah Jalaluddin Taheri into an anti-government protest in Isfahan.

The Arab Uprisings in Iranian Politics

            Iran hailed the 2011 Arab uprisings as an “Islamic Awakening” and considered the overthrow of U.S.-backed dictato

U.N. Report: Iran Repressing Dissent

            Iran’s crackdown on journalists and detainment of opposition leaders “does not bode well for the prospect of a fre

U.S. Condemns Imprisonment of Opposition

            On February 14, the United States condemned Iran's continued imprisonment of former presidential candidates and opposition lead

Iran’s Successes and Failures - 34 Years Later

Daniel Brumberg

New Human Rights Watch Report on Iran

            In 2012, Iran put opposition leaders under house arrest, harassed and arrested civil society activists, and prevented oppositio

Iran: A Rough Year in 2013

 Alireza Nader

Fate of the Green Movement leaders

Geneive Abdo
  • Green Movement leaders Mir Hossein Mousavi and Mehdi Kar

Iran’s Women Two Years after the Uprising

Interview with Mahboubeh Abbasgholizadeh

Semira N. Nikou

Interview with Maziar Bahari

Semira N. Nikou

Iran’s labor flashpoint

Kevan Harris
      Iran’s labor movement and working class have been pivotal political actors f

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