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Zarif & Ashton Announce June 16-20 Talks

      On May 26, E.U.

Zarif and Ashton on April Nuclear Talks

      On April 9, Iranian Foreign Minister Moh

Pix: Zarif and Ashton The Ups and Downs

             Iran’s tenuous relationship with the West has been illustrated by the ups and downs in the relationship between Foreig

Zarif and Ashton: Nuke Deal Prospects

            At a press conference on March 9, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif and E.U.

Vienna Talks: New Nuke Deal Framework

            On February 20, Iran and the world’s six major powers agreed on a framework for comprehensive talks on Tehran’s co

Nuclear Deal to Start January 20

            Iran and the world’s six major powers agreed to begin implementing the Geneva nuclear agreement on January 20.

Iran's Man on Wire: Javad Zarif

Robin Wright
            When Mohammed

Zarif Pens Diary About U.S. Visit

            In an all-time first for Iranian diplomacy, new Foreign Minister Mohammed Javad Zarif has been chronicling his visit to New Yo

Rouhani: World Reacts to Election

            World leaders issued diverse reactions to the stunning election of Hassan Rouhani to Iran’s presidency.

U.N.-Iran Nuclear Talks Fail

            Talks between Iran and the U.N. nuclear watchdog failed to produce an agreement on May 15.

Iran Responds to U.N. on Nuclear Program

            Tehran is serious about upcoming talks with the six world powers, and expects them to be forthcoming, according to a statement

Letter Appeals to Obama, Khamenei from Former Iran Parliamentarians

            On January 7, seven former Iranian parliamentarians called for direct talks between Washington and Tehran on the nuclear issue

E.U. Imposes New Sanctions

            On October 15, the European Union targeted Iran’s nuclear program with new sanctions on its financial, energy, trade, and

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