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Exiting the Deal Part 1: Trump Remarks

May 8, 2018
Updated: May 14, 2018
On May 8, President Donald Trump announced the U.S. withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal. "The fact is this was a horrible, one-sided deal that should have never, ever been made. It didn’t bring calm, it didn’t bring peace, and it never will," Trump said in his address. "The agreement was so…

Last Minute Scramble on JCPOA

May 7, 2018
Updated: May 8, 2018
On May 6, British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson traveled to Washington D.C. for two days of talks with the Trump administration on Iran, North Korea, Syria and other major international issues. He was due to meet with Vice President Mike Pence, National Security Advisor John Bolton, and others.…

Rouhani: Iran Could Remain in Nuclear Deal If US Withdraws

May 7, 2018
On May 7, President Hassan Rouhani suggested that Iran could remain in the 2015 nuclear deal even if the United States withdraws. “What we want for the deal is that it's preserved and guaranteed by the non-Americans,” he told officials in Mashhad, the country’s second largest city. Rouhani was…

Zarif: Iran Won’t Renegotiate Nuclear Deal

May 4, 2018
On May 3, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif criticized President Donald Trump’s repeated threats to withdraw from the 2015 nuclear deal. He also clarified Iran’s position on renegotiating the accord or a possible supplemental deal. “Let me make it absolutely clear once and for all: We…

Part 3: Iran’s Growing Influence in Iraq

May 3, 2018
Two Middle East experts from the U.S. Institute of Peace, Elie Abouaoun and Sarhang Hamasaeed, discuss Iran’s evolving role in Iraq with Garrett Nada.   What are the major phases that Iraq has gone through since the 2003 toppling of Saddam Hussein’s regime? What has Iran’s involvement been during…

Poll: Public Support for Iran Deal at Record High

May 3, 2018
Updated: May 8, 2018
A majority of Americans support the Iran nuclear deal and think the United States should not withdraw, according to polls conducted by CNN, Morning Consult and Politico. But a CBS News poll found that many Americans don't know enough about the 2015 accord to say what the United States should do.…

Experts and Former Officials Respond to Israeli Claims

May 2, 2018
Updated: May 7, 2018
On April 30, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu presented evidence that Iran lied about never having a nuclear weapons program. He also charged that Iran is still working to "expand its nuclear weapons know-how for future use," despite the 2015 nuclear deal. Former U.S. officials and nuclear…

Iran's Past Nuclear Experiments Reflect Value of JCPOA

May 2, 2018
For decades, the international community has grappled with the danger of nuclear weapons proliferation and, in particular, the risk that the Islamic Republic of Iran might seek the capability to design and produce nuclear weapons. For more than a decade following the 2003 revelation that Iran had…

Iran’s Volatile Currency

May 1, 2018
Updated: May 7, 2018
The value of Iran’s rial declined rapidly in early April, triggering a race on foreign currency and public panic. Iranians who lined up outside banks to buy dollars were turned away because of shortages. The rial had already been depreciating for months. It lost nearly half of its value on the free…

Europe, Russia and China Respond to Israeli Claims

May 1, 2018
European leaders have reaffirmed their support for the Iran nuclear deal in the wake of Israeli allegations over Iran's attempts to design, produce and test nuclear weapons. "The Israeli Prime Minister’s presentation on Iran’s past research into nuclear weapons technology underlines the importance…

IAEA Responds to Israeli Claims

May 1, 2018
On May 1, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) responded to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's claims about Iran's efforts to design, produce and test nuclear weapons. The IAEA statement pointed to its 2015 report that covered many of the same issues.  "The Agency’s overall…

Iran Reacts to Netanyahu's Allegations

April 30, 2018
Updated: May 3, 2018
Iranian officials have dismissed Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s allegations about Tehran’s controversial nuclear program. “The boy who can’t stop crying wolf is at it again,” Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif tweeted. Netanyahu presented what he considered incontrovertible evidence proving…

US Response to Israeli Claims on Iran

April 30, 2018
Updated: May 1, 2018
On April 30, President Donald Trump cited Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s revelations about Iran’s nuclear activities and ballistic missile program as proof that the nuclear deal is flawed. “I think if anything what’s happening today … and what we’ve learned [from Israel] has really shown that…

Netanyahu: Iran Lied About Nuclear Weapons Program

April 30, 2018
Updated: May 3, 2018
In a surprise development, less than two weeks before President Donald Trump’s decision on the fate of the Iran nuclear deal, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made serious charges about Tehran's nuclear program. He said Israel obtained 100,000 “secret files that prove” Iran lied about…

European and UN Leaders on Nuclear Deal

April 30, 2018
Updated: May 3, 2018
The three major European powers —Britain, France and Germany — have been quietly negotiating with the United States since January on how to supplement the Iran nuclear deal. President Donald Trump has demanded fixes to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) under threat of withdrawing from…

Pompeo on Iran on Middle East Trip

April 30, 2018
On April 26, Mike Pompeo embarked on his first international trip as Secretary of State. His first stop was Brussels, where he discussed the Iran nuclear deal with NATO allies. Trump has demanded fixes to the JCPOA under threat of withdrawing from it; he is due to make a decision on May 12. “There’…

Secretary Mattis on Iran Nuclear Deal

April 27, 2018
Updated: April 30, 2018
On April 26, Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis told the Senate Armed Services Committee that the Iran nuclear deal includes “pretty robust” verification. He did not give his opinion about whether the United States should withdraw from the agreement, as President Donald Trump has threatened. But he…

Part 2: Pro-Iran Militias in Iraq

April 26, 2018
Updated: October 20, 2018
Since 2003, Iranian influence has deepened in Iraq through a wide array of Shiite militias. Several militia leaders and politicians spent years in exile in Tehran during Saddam Hussein’s reign in the 1980s and 1990s. One of Iraq’s most powerful armed groups, the Badr Organization, was formed in…

Part 1: Iran’s Role in Iraq

April 26, 2018
Iran has emerged as the most influential foreign player in Iraq since U.S.-led forces toppled Saddam Hussein’s regime in 2003. Iran and Iraq are Shiite-majority countries that share centuries-deep cultural and religious ties — and a 900-mile border. The Islamic Republic has used these advantages to…

Gunman Attacks Iranian Interests Section in Washington

April 25, 2018
On April 25, a gunman attacked the Interests Section of Iran, housed in the Pakistani embassy, in Washington, D.C. The U.S. Secret Service responded to initial reports of shots fired and arrested an individual for assault. The individual had a weapon, but the Secret Service determined that shots…

Rouhani Reacts to Trump, Macron on Nuclear Deal

April 25, 2018
President Hassan Rouhani rejected outright any changes to the 2015 Iran nuclear deal, as discussed by President Donald Trump and President Emmanuel Macron during their Washington summit on April 24. “If the JCPOA was bad and dangerous, why did you [the United States] sign it? You are a businessman…

Trump: Iran to Face 'Big' Problems If It Restarts Nuclear Program

April 24, 2018
Updated: April 26, 2018
On April 24, President Donald Trump warned that Iran would face serious repercussions if it restarts its nuclear program. “They will have bigger problems than they have ever had before,” he said at the start of a meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron at the White House. Trump repeatedly…

Zarif in New York: Interview on Nuclear Deal, Regional Issues

April 23, 2018
On April 21, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif discussed the nuclear deal, regional conflicts, ballistic missiles, and humanitarian issues with a small group of journalists. He outlined potential Iranian responses to a U.S. decision to withdraw from the nuclear deal in May. "The only…

State Department on Human Rights in Iran

April 20, 2018
On April 20, the U.S. State Department released its annual country reports on human rights practices. The following are excerpts from the report on Iran, which covers 2017.   Executive Summary The most significant human rights issues included a high number of executions for crimes not meeting…

Zarif in New York: On the Nuclear Deal

April 20, 2018
Updated: April 24, 2018
On April 19, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif arrived in New York City to attend a high-level U.N. meeting on peacebuilding. Zarif told reporters that he would propose ideas for establishing dialogue and sustainable security in the Persian Gulf region. Zarif also spoke with several…

Part 3: Iran in Syria, Reaction to US-led Airstrikes

April 13, 2018
Updated: April 16, 2018
On April 13, the United States, Britain and France launched strikes in response to Syria’s alleged use of chemical weapons in the rebel enclave of Douma. U.S. aircraft, including B-1 bombers, and at least three warships participated in the attack on three sites related to the regime’s chemical…

Part 2: Iran in Syria Timeline

April 10, 2018
Updated: April 12, 2018
Iran has aided and abetted the Assad dynasty since the 1979 revolution. The following is a timeline of its intervention in Syria's civil war since 2011. For a separate rundown of Iran’s military involvement and Israel’s response, click here.   2011 March 2011: Turkish authorities seized weapons…

Part I: Iran in Syria

April 10, 2018
Updated: April 12, 2018
Since mid-2011, Iran’s military intervention in Syria has grown steadily. By 2015, at least eight Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) generals had been killed in Syria. As of February 2018, Iranian forces and their proxies were deployed in nearly 40 facilities—including headquarters,…

Report: Legality of Withdrawing from Nuclear Deal

April 5, 2018
President Donald Trump has warned that he would withdraw from the nuclear deal if the United States and European partners cannot agree on ways to fix its alleged flaws. The administration is aiming to sign a supplemental agreement that deals with the sunset clauses and Iran’s missile program. Trump…

National Security Veterans: 10 Reasons to Keep the Iran Deal

March 27, 2018
A bipartisan group of more than 100 national security experts, known as the National Coalition to Prevent an Iranian Nuclear Weapon, has urged President Donald Trump to maintain the U.S. commitment to the nuclear deal. “Ditching it would serve no national security purpose,” they argued in a…