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Iran’s Resilience is “Dangerously Fraying”

December 6, 2019
Suzanne Maloney I see the recent unrest and the brutal response as indicative of a system whose resilience is dangerously fraying. The diagnosis that I’ve been using for a while is a slow-motion metastasis that is echoing across the political establishment, the economy, and society. The November…

What Rouhani's Week in New York Means for Nuclear Diplomacy with Iran

October 3, 2014
The following article was originally published by Iran@Brookings.Suzanne Maloney       Last week's New York visit by Iranian president Hassan Rouhani fell short of any expectations that might have been set by his historic American debut only a year ago. While there was plenty of pageantry — prime-…

Iran’s Economy in the Shadow of Regional Upheaval

February 28, 2011
Suzanne Maloney        Iran’s stability is once again in question, as historic protests sweep the Middle East and revive the flagging fortunes of its own opposition movement. Expectations of the Islamic Republic’s inevitable demise are further fueled by the revolutionary state’s own…