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Ahmadinejad Urges Parliament to Cut Reliance on Oil

            On January 16, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad told&nb

Letter Appeals to Obama, Khamenei from Former Iran Parliamentarians

            On January 7, seven former Iranian parliamentarians called for direct talks between Washington and Tehran on the nuclear issue

Pew: Rising Tide of Restrictions on Religion

             Among 197 countries, Iran ranked sixth in restricting freedom of religion, according to a Pew Research Center survey.

Congress Report: Iran Intelligence Expanding

           Iran’s Ministry of Intelligence and Security has recently expanded its operations in the Middle East and beyond, most no

Iran-Egypt: Prospects of a New Alliance?

Interview with Joshua Stacher

Iran-Egypt: Prospects of a New Alliance?

Interview with Joshua Stacher

Tags: Egypt, Iran, Syria

Pew: Iran’s Popularity (or Not) in the World

            As part of its Global Attitudes Project, the Pew Research Center surveyed attitudes about Iran among major countries.

48 Iranian Captives Return from Syria

            On January 10, 48 Iranian captives landed in Tehran after their release by Syrian rebels.

Hagel’s Past Comments on Iran

            On January 7, President Obama nominated former Senator Chuck Hagel to be the Secretary of Defense during his second term.

New Penalties on Iran in Defense Bill

            On January 3, President Barack Obama signed a $633 billion defense bill for fiscal year 2013.

Iran’s Economy Faces Grim 2013

Kevan Harris

Iran: A Rough Year in 2013

 Alireza Nader

Kerry’s Past Comments on Iran

            On December 21, President Barack Obama nominated Senator John Kerry to be the Secretary of State during his second term.

More U.S. Sanctions for Proliferation

            On December 21, the U.S.

Panetta: New U.S. Strategy to Counter Iran

            On December 18, Secretary of Defense Leon E. Panetta outlined a new U.S.

Iran Boosts North Korean Missile Program

             Iran may have helped North Korea launch a multistage rocket and put a satellite into orbit on December 12, according to

Iran’s Subsidy Reform: RIP

           In November 2012, Iran’s parliament suspended subsidy reform and is now unlikely to allow “drastic increases&rdq

U.S. Intelligence: Iran Key to Future Mideast Stability

            Iran’s nuclear intentions will be a key variable in future Middle East stability, according to a new report by the U.S.

U.S.-Iranian Competition in the Middle East

            The Arab uprisings shattered the conventional military balance between Iran and the United States in the Middle East, a

U.S. Intelligence: Iran Key to Future Mideast Stability

            Iran’s potential decision to build a nuclear weapon may be the key variable in the future stability of the Middle East, a

U.S. Ready for Negotiations but Time is Short

            On December 8, Deputy Secretary of State William J.

U.S. Renews Iran Sanctions Waivers

            On December 7, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced the renewal of Iran sanctions exceptions for China, India, Malay

U.S. Issues Iran Travel Warning

            On December 7, the State Department warned that U.S.

U.S. “Virtual Embassy” Gets 2 Million Hits

            The State Department announced that the “Virtual Embassy Tehran” website has been visited nearly two million times

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