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Latest on the Race: Jalili on the Issues

      Chief nuclear negotiator Saeed Jalili is a major conservativ

Top US Officials on Sanctions Impact

            On May 15, two top officials in the Obama administration claimed U.S.

Latest on the Race: Leader’s Ideal President

            In a strong speech six weeks before the election, the supreme leader admonished presidential candidates against making empty pr

Latest on the Race: Khamenei’s Do’s and Don’ts

            The supreme leader has warned presidential candidates against demeaning each other and promising more than they can accomplish.

Cartoonists Sketch Human Rights Abuses

            A new book on political cartoons confronts the most sensitive issues in Iran ― including censorship, electoral fraud, torture and

Latest on the Race: Reformists Regroup to Run

Garrett Nada
            Iran’s reformers appear to be rej

U.N. Report: Iran Repressing Dissent

            Iran’s crackdown on journalists and detainment of opposition leaders “does not bode well for the prospect of a fre

U.S. Condemns Imprisonment of Opposition

            On February 14, the United States condemned Iran's continued imprisonment of former presidential candidates and opposition lead

Part IV - Pivotal Election: The Issues

Shaul Bakhash

Khamenei Comments: West Wants to Block Election

            In three major speeches in January, Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei focused on the upcoming presidential election, the t

Part III - Pivotal Election: The Reformists

Shaul Bakhash

Iran’s Economy Faces Grim 2013

Kevan Harris

Obama, Romney Debate Iran Policy

            On October 22, President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney clashed over U.S. policy toward Iran’s nuclear program.

Pew: More Americans Favor Firm Stand on Iran

            The Pew Research Center conducted a poll on the U.S. public‘s views on the Middle East in early October.

Biden, Ryan Debate on Iran Crisis

            On October 11, Vice President Joe Biden and Republican candidate Paul Ryan quarreled over how to prevent a nuclear-armed Iran

No Elected President for Iran?

Shaul Bakhash
In mid-October, Supreme leader Ali Khamenei said in a speech that Iran’s executive p

Key Dates for Iran's Parliamentary Election

This is a timeline of the key dates for Iran's Parliamentary Election:

    December 24-31, 2011

Challenging the Balance of Power: Ahmadinejad vs. Parliament

 Interview with Hosein Ghazian

Challenging the Balance of Power: Ahmadinejad vs. Parliament

Interview with Hosein Ghazian
     Hosein Ghazian is an Iranian sociologist and former pollster wh

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