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Khamenei Comments: Nuclear Deal “Easy”

      In a meeting with t

Rouhani: First Presser on US, Reforms, Nukes

      On June 17, president-elect Hassan Rouhani called fo

Rouhani: Diverse Reaction by Iranian Leaders

            Top Iranian leaders used their congratulatory messages to President-elect Hassan Rouhani to offer their own takes on the elect

Election: US Reacts to Results

            In two separate statements, the United States called

Election: Stunning Results and Videos

            Hassan Rouhani, the lone reformist candidate, won Iran’s presidential election with 50.7 percent of th

Latest on the Race: Final Polls – and Shifts

            Iranian elections are highly unpredictable due to the number of candidates and short campaigns.

Old War Haunts New Election

By Garrett Nada and Helia Ighani

Persian Press on the Race: June 13

Hanif Zarrabi-Kashani

Latest on the Race: Two Candidates Drop Out

            Two candidates – one hardliner and one reformer have quit Iran’s presidential race, leaving

Latest on the Race: Debate on Culture, Women

Garrett Nada           

Latest on the Race: Furor at First Debate

      At the first presidential debate on May 3

Supreme Leader Blasts Foreign Plots in Vote

      On June 4, Supreme Leader Ayatollah A

Rand Report on Iran Election

            In a new Rand report, Alireza Nader examines the implications of the election, including Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei

Khomeini’s Rebel Grandchildren

By Helia Ighani and Garrett Nada

Kerry Chastises Iran on Election

            On May 24,Tags: Election, Iran Politics, Presidency, U.S. Policy, United States

Latest on the Race: Khomeini Daughter Defends Rafsanjani

      The daughter of late revolutionary leader Ayatollah Ruhollah Khom

Latest on the Race: Candidates Approved

            The Guardian Council has approved eight out of 686 candidates to run in Iran’s June 14 presidential election.

Latest on the Race: Reactions to Candidate List

      The Guardian Council has blocked two prominent fig

Latest on the Race: Rafsanjani Redux?

By Robin Wright and Garrett Nada

Latest on the Race: Rafsanjani on the Issues

      Former President Akbar Hashemi Ra

Latest on the Race: Rafsanjani Redux?

By Robin Wright and Garrett Nada

Latest on the Race: Jalili, Ideologue on Twitter

Garrett Nada

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