Iranians in US Voted for Rouhani

May 24, 2017

On May 19, Iranians living in the United States overwhelmingly voted for President Hassan Rouhani. Some 96 percent of the 30,039 voters supported him. More than 50 polling stations were set up across the country. Iranians in the Washington D.C. area cast their votes at the Iranian Interests Section at the Pakistani Embassy.  No polling stations were set up in Canada, so some Iranians traveled to Washington, New York or other states near the border to vote.

Hassan Rouhani: 28,840 votes

Ebrahim Raisi: 1,043 votes

Mostafa Mir-Salim: 118 votes

Mostafa Hashemitaba: 38 votes

The map below was produced by Mehdi Noori on Tableau using data from the Interests Section of the Islamic Republic of Iran.




The number of voters increased by five times compared to the last election, according to Mehr News Agency



The line in San Jose, California was particularly long.