Rouhani on Economy, Parliament Vote

October 13, 2015

In a live television interview, President Hassan Rouhani applauded parliament's approval of the nuclear deal. On October 13, the parliament passed a bill to support implementing the deal, with a vote of 161-59. Rouhani discussed the agreement and its implications for Iran's economy in the interview, warning that it may take time to feel the benefits of sanctions relief. Rouhani had emphasized revitalizing the economy in his 2013 presidential campaign.

The following are excerpted remarks and tweets from Rouhani's television appearance.

“One of the important points in the nuclear negotiations [that led to the agreement] was economic issues. The economy and sanctions were the enemy’s trick to put pressure on the Iranian people.”

"The administration's measures carried the message that the sanctions would no longer be effective. Why were the sanctions lifted? Because they saw that the sanctions were no longer effective.”

“Iran’s non-oil exports to the neighboring countries is growing; we hope to enjoy good relations with all neighbors in the not too distant future.” 

“We will have a much better [economic] condition next year. That is why the world is rushing towards Iran.”

“We will give them [i.e., foreign investors] a part of our domestic market in return for [our] having a part of the regional and international market.” 

“Enemies imposed sanctions on our oil and banking processes; Iran’s revenue from oil sales was 119 billion dollars in 2011 and fell to 72 billion dollar in 2014.” 


Translations via Mehr News, World Bulletin