Pezeshkian: World Reaction

The following are reactions from world leaders to Masoud Pezeshkian's victory in the July 5 runoff for president.


Russia and China

Russian President Vladimir Putin on July 6

“I hope that your tenure as president will contribute to a reinforcement of constructive bilateral cooperation between our friendly peoples.”


Chinese President Xi Jinping on July 6

“I am willing to work with the President to lead the China-Iran comprehensive strategic partnership towards deeper advancement.”


Middle East and the Caucasus

Syrian President Bashar al Assad on July 7

“I congratulate you on the confidence of the dear Iranian people, and I congratulate the leadership and people of the Islamic Republic of Iran on the success of the electoral process, wishing you prosperity in everything that preserves Iran’s security and stability.”

“Your country, which is impregnable as it has always been, is one of the most important countries with which we are keen to ensure that the relationship is at its peak because this relationship is based on roots established through decades of mutual respect, common understanding, and firm principles, to which Syria and Iran have always adhered.”

“We will work with you to boost the Syrian-Iranian strategic relationship and open new promising horizons for bilateral cooperation, and resistance will remain the common approach that we follow in order to preserve the pride of our countries and defend the interests of their peoples.”


Iraqi President Abdul Latif Rashid on X on July 6

“We extend our congratulations to the Islamic Republic of Iran on the successful completion of its presidential elections. We also congratulate Masoud Pazeshkian on his election as President, wishing him success in his official duties and in fulfilling the ambitions and aspirations of the Iranian people.”

“We affirm our keenness to strengthen relations between Iraq and Iran in a way that serves the interests of the two neighboring countries and peoples.”


Saudi Arabian King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saudi on July 6

“On the occasion of your victory in the presidential election in the Islamic Republic of Iran, we are pleased to send you our sincere congratulations and best wishes for success, looking forward to continuing to develop relations between our two brotherly countries and peoples, and continuing coordination and consultation in order to enhance regional and international peace and security.”

“We wish you good health and happiness, and the brotherly people of the Islamic Republic of Iran, further progress and prosperity.”


Saudi Arabian Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman on July 6

"I affirm my keenness on developing and deepening the relations between our countries and people and serve our mutual interests.”


UAE President Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan on July 6

"Congratulations to Dr Masoud Pezeshkian on his election as President of Iran. I wish him success in his role and look forward to working together to further strengthen ties between the UAE and Iran for the benefit of our two nations and peoples.”


Qatari Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani on July 6

“Our sincere congratulations to Dr. Masoud Pezeshkian on the occasion of his election to the position of President of the Islamic Republic of Iran, wishing him every success in serving his country towards greater prosperity and development, for the benefit of our region and the world, wishing the Republic’s government and people continued progress and prosperity.”


Israeli Minister of Foreign Affairs Israel Katz on July 6


Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev on July 6

“I heartily congratulate you on your election as the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran. We attach great importance to the relations between the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Islamic Republic of Iran built on solid foundations such as common religious and cultural roots, friendship and brotherhood.”

“It is gratifying that over the past decades, our mutually beneficial cooperation has developed dynamically and reached its current level, gaining a new content in all domains, especially in the economy, transport, energy and humanitarian spheres.”

“I am confident that through our joint efforts, we will ensure further strengthening of the traditional friendly relations and the expansion of mutually beneficial cooperation between Azerbaijan and Iran in line with the interests of our peoples and countries.”

“I invite you to pay a visit to Azerbaijan to exchange views on the prospects for development of our bilateral cooperation. I convey my best wishes to you, and wish success in your future responsible activities for the prosperity of the friendly and brotherly people of Iran.”



E.U. Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Spokesperson Nabila Massrali on July 6

“We take note of the results of the presidential elections in Iran and congratulate President elect Massoud Pezeshkian. We are ready to engage with the new government in line with EU policy of critical engagement.”


Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko on July 6

"The successful conduct of the election campaign in difficult circumstances for your country is an unconditional victory of the Iranian people, who continue to follow the independent path of development with dignity and steadfastness. The voting results confirm your high political authority and testify to the public support for the course of the country's leadership in defending the national interests of Iran, creating prospects for its citizens and cooperation with the countries of your region."

"The dialogue between Minsk and Tehran at all levels is steadily expanding. I am convinced that in the near future we will be able to implement all the agreements reached, including those on raising the level of the Belarusian-Iranian relations to a strategic partnership."


South Asia

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on X on July 6

Pakistani Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif on X on July 6

Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari on X on July 6


Latin America

Venezuelan Foreign Minister Yvan Gil on X on July 5

“The Bolivarian Republic congratulates the people of the Islamic Republic of Iran for the commitment demonstrated to the democracy of their country, expressed in the second round of the presidential elections held on July 5, 2024, which gave victory to His Excellency Masoud Pezeshkian as the new president of the Islamic Republic of Iran.”

“Venezuela expresses its conviction that the decision made by the Iranian people will contribute to the prosperity of this nation, as well as its consolidation as an emerging power of the nascent multipolar world.”


United Nations

U.N. Spokesperson Stéphane Dujarric on July 8

“We are eager to cooperate with the new president of Iran.”


Iranian Allies

Hezbollah Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah on July 6

“We congratulate you on this glorious election by the beloved and honorable people of Iran, and we pray to the Almighty that he protects you and helps you in achieving the desires and aspirations of this selfless and loyal nation.”

“We, in Hezbollah and all resistance movements in the region, as part of the nations that have been in a long confrontation with the occupying Zionist forces and the hegemonic American project for years, have always considered Iran a strong, stable, and permanent support for resistance and the oppressed since the victory of the Islamic Revolution in Iran under the leadership of Imam Khomeini (RA) and the continuation of this revolution under the leadership of Imam Khamenei and successive governments in the Islamic Republic of Iran.”

"We are with you and, God willing, we will continue this way until we reach the final victory.”


Hamas Political Bureau Chief Ismail Haniyeh on July 6

"We and our people in Palestine have trust in your services to Iran, overcoming the challenges and hardships, moving towards the unity of the Islamic Ummah against our enemy and helping the pivotal issue of our Ummah.”


Chairman of the Houthi Supreme Political Council Mahdi al Mashat on July 6

"We extend our warmest congratulations to Masoud Pezeshkian for securing the confidence of the Iranian people and wish him every success in his important role in advancing Iran's prosperity and safeguarding its security."

"We are committed to enhancing the bilateral relations between Yemen and Iran for the mutual benefit of both nations across various sectors."


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