Rouhani’s 100 Days: As Told in His Tweets

      On November 26, President Hassan Rouhani assessed his achievements during his first 100 days in office. Rouhani claimed progress in curbing inflation, relaxing government control on society, securing an interim nuclear deal and drafting a citizens’ rights charter. “We pride ourselves on being accountable to our people,” he said at the beginning of the nearly two-hour address broadcast on state television. His Twitter account posted highlights of his remarks from his speech .
      Rouhani said he seeks to get out of Iran's recession by March 2014, and achieve three percent growth by the year after that. “Investment will increase, economic activity will increase,”
  he said. The president began counting his first 100 days when his cabinet took office, not when he was inaugurated. The following are Rouhani's tweets based on his address.