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Iran’s Successes and Failures - 34 Years Later

February 9, 2013
Daniel Brumberg On February 11, Iran will mark the 34th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution. What are Iran’s successes?               The Islamic Republic is now a regional power, thanks to three decades of social, economic, diplomatic, and military advancements. But not all of these…

For Iran, both hope and danger in Egypt

February 7, 2011
Daniel Brumberg       Strategically, Iran is hedging its position on the new Middle East turmoil.        The theocrats like to publicly portray the democratic revolts in Tunisia and Egypt as an Islamist tsunami sweeping away corrupt autocracies to replace them with Islamic regimes. But…

New Report by U.S. Institute of Peace and Stimson Center: Recommendations to Rebalance U.S. Policy Toward Iran

November 15, 2010
Daniel Brumberg       The chances of success in negotiations with Iran would increase if the international community extended a new offer of “strategic engagement,” while sustaining sanctions.       The United States should take advantage of the leverage gained from the sanctions’ success to…