Gallup: U.S. Views on Iran Nuclear Threat

More than three-quarters of Americans named Iran’s potential development of nuclear weapons as a critical threat to U.S. interests, according to Gallup poll. Iran’s nuclear program came in second—with 77 percent—in a list of 13 flashpoints. The only more critical danger to Americans was cyberterrorism. Some 79 percent were concerned about the use of computers to disrupt or generate fear. The poll was conducted February 1-20, 2024. 

Tehran has not made the political decision to produce nuclear weapons, according to Western and Israeli intelligence. But it has taken steps that have no credible civilian use, including enriching uranium to 60 percent, and has curtailed U.N. watchdog access to its nuclear facilities.  


Strong majorities of Republicans, Democrats and independents expressed concerned about Iran in the survey on global risks in the next 10 years. But they were divided on other issues, such as immigration and the economic power of China.