G7 Warns Iran on Nuclear Advances

On June 14, 2024, the G7 countries urged Iran to reverse its nuclear advances, stop transferring weapons to Russia for use against Ukraine, and cease its destabilizing actions in the Middle East. The leaders of the world’s most advanced economies said that Iran had no credible civilian justification for enriching uranium to high levels, including 60 percent, just a technical step away from 90 percent purity or weapons grade. The G7 includes Britain, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan and the United States. “Iran must engage in serious dialogue and provide convincing assurances that its nuclear program is exclusively peaceful,” they said. The G7 also called out Iran for its deplorable record on human rights. The following is an excerpt from the G7 communique from the meeting in Apulia, Italy.



We reiterate our determination that it must never develop or acquire a nuclear weapon. We urge Tehran to cease and reverse nuclear escalations, and stop the continuing uranium enrichment activities that have no credible civilian justifications. Iran must engage in serious dialogue and provide convincing assurances that its nuclear program is exclusively peaceful, in full cooperation and compliance with the IAEA’s monitoring and verification mechanism, including the Board of Governors’ resolution of 5 June. We support IAEA’s monitoring and verification role regarding Iran’s nuclear-related obligation and commitments and express strong concern about Iran’s current lack of cooperation with the Agency.

We call on Iran to stop assisting Russia’s war in Ukraine and not to transfer ballistic missiles and related technology, as this would represent a substantive material escalation and a direct threat to European security. We are prepared to respond in a swift and coordinated manner, including with new and significant measures.

We demand that Iran cease its malicious activities and destabilizing actions in the Middle East and we stand ready to adopt further sanctions or take other measures in response to further destabilizing initiatives. We continue to call for the immediate release of the MSC Aries, its remaining crew and cargo.

We reiterate our deep concern over Iran’s human rights violations, especially against women, girls and minority groups. We call on Iran’s leadership to end all unjust and arbitrary detentions, including of dual and foreign citizens, and condemn the unacceptable harassment of its citizens.


Photo Credit: White House via Flickr (Public Domain)