News Digest: Week of January 29

January 29

Diplomacy: Deputy Interior Minister Majid Mirahmadi met with Syrian Minister of Interior Mohammad Khaled al Rahmoun in Damascus to discuss security coordination and counterterrorism efforts. They reviewed the complex security landscape in Syria and the regional challenges both states face. Mirahmadi reaffirmed Tehran’s support for the Axis of Resistance against Israel, yet he dismissed any direct Iranian involvement.

Diplomacy: Foreign Minister Amir-Abdollahian visited Pakistan and held talks with top officials in Islamabad to boost bilateral ties and cooperation against terrorism. They agreed to form a high-level joint mechanism for regular ministerial meetings. Pakistan invited President Ebrahim Raisi to visit. Amir-Abdollahian met the prime minister, foreign minister, and army chief to discuss border security, countering terrorist groups, and supporting the Palestinians. Both sides vowed not to allow third parties to jeopardize their security. The visit came after a brief but tense period over cross-border attacks. 

Human Rights: Iranian authorities executed four people convicted of working with Israeli intelligence to plan attacks inside the country. The Intelligence Ministry said that it arrested the Mossad-linked operatives in 2023 and seized explosives and weapons. It accused Israel of recruiting from separatist groups. Human rights groups condemned the executions of the four Kurdish prisoners, who Hadi Ghaemi of the Center for Human Rights in Iran said were tortured and forced to confess through “sham trials.”


January 30

Diplomacy: Iran summoned the British ambassador and condemned London's “illegal” sanctions and “baseless” accusations against individuals it claimed were targeting “journalists” and “rights defenders.” Tehran rejected targeting anyone in Europe but accused the foreign media personalities of trying to instigate to overthrow Iran's government. 


January 31

Diplomacy: Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Nasser Kanaani declared Iran’s readiness to continue bilateral negotiations with Kuwait over jointly exploiting the Arash oil field and resolving maritime boundaries. Iran believes the two countries can reach a mutually beneficial agreement, said the senior diplomat; unilateral claims fail to advance common interests, he added.

February 1

Domestic: President Raisi met with provincial governors and urged them to stay attuned to local needs and leverage their connections and knowledge of local dynamics as the administration strives to tackle challenges.