News Digest: Week of November 30

November 30

Nuclear: Iran held a funeral for nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, who was assassinated 40 miles from Tehran on November 27. Fakhrizadeh's body was taken to several Shiite shrines, including that of Ayatollah Khomeini, before being buried at a cemetery near the Imamazadeh Salah shrine in northern Tehran. 


December 1

Military: A Revolutionary Guard commander was killed in an airstrike at the Iraq-Syria border. 

Nuclear: Iran's conservative-dominated parliament passed a bill demanding that the government suspend U.N. nuclear inspections until Iran received sanctions relief within two months.


December 2

Budget: The Iranian government sent its $33.7 billion draft budget to parliament. Revenues were calculated using a projected oil price of $40 per barrel. 

Health: Businesses in Tehran would be permitted to reopen on December 5 after a two-week lockdown, the government said.

Nuclear: President Hassan Rouhani said that he opposed suspending U.N. inspections. He slammed the measures proposed by parliament "detrimental" to diplomacy. But the Guardian Council overruled his objections and approved the law.