Part 4: Iran Media on Scientist's Assassination

The Iranian media expressed outraged at the assassination of Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, a leading nuclear scientist. Newspapers from across the political spectrum – reformist, centrist, conservative and hardline – published front-page photos of his bullet-riddled car and funeral casket.    

Conservative and hardline papers blamed Israel for Fakhrizadeh's murder and demanded immediate retribution. “If we don’t hit them, they hit us,” Vatan-e Emrooz, a conservative paper, warned on November 28. They highlighted Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei’s pledge of “definitive punishment” for the perpetrators. Kayhan, the most hardline paper, published an editorial calling for strikes on the port city of Haifa, if Israel were found responsible. “An Eye for an Eye: Zionists Must Prepare Themselves,” read a Kayhan headline on November 28.  

Reformist and centrist papers published tributes to Fakhrizadeh’s achievements and pledged to honor his legacy. “Continuing Fakhrizadeh’s Scientific Efforts,” Ettela'at, a centrist paper, reported on November 29. They also highlighted remarks by President Rouhani that Iran would respond at an “appropriate time" rather than immediately.

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Conservative and Hardline


Vatan Logo


If We Don't Hit Them, They Hit Us

Netanyahu publicized Israel’s plan to assassinate Mohsen Fakhrizadeh
by showing his photo in a television presentation in 2018

Nov 28 Vatan



Kayhan Logo


An Eye for an Eye: Zionists Must Prepare Themselves

Nov 28 Kayhan



Javan Logo

Supreme Leader Orders Punishment
of the Perpetrators of the Assassination

Nov 29 Javan




Agenda: Punishment

We must not signal: Rouhani’s meaningful response to
Mohsen Fakhrizadeh’s assassination

Nov 29 Vatan



Iran logo

Assassination of an Iranian Scientist

Foreign Minister: This cowardly operation – with obvious signs of Israel’s
hand in it – demonstrates the desperate warmongering of the perpetrators

Nov 28 Iran



Javan Logo

Yet Another Assassination of a Scientist

Nov 28 Javan


Abrar Logo

The Supreme Leader’s Message Following Mohsen Fakhrizadeh’s Martyrdom:
Definitive Punishment of the Perpetrators of this Crime Must Be Pursued

Rouhani Blames Global Arrogance and Israel for Fakhrizadeh’s Assassination

Nov 29 Abrar



Iran logo

Timely Response: Iran Unanimous Against the Assassination of Mohsen Fakhrizadeh

Nov 29 Iran




Nov 5 Ebtekar

 Nuclear Scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh Assassinated

Nov 28 Ebtekar



Ettelaat logo

Defense Industry Scientist Martyred in a Terrorist Operation

Nov 28 Ettelaat



Nov 5 Ebtekar

Widespread Reactions to Fakhrizadeh's Assassination: How Will Iran Respond? 

From Responding in Appropriate Time to National Solidarity

Nov 29 Ebtekar



Ettelaat logo

Definitive Punishment of the Perpetrators
and Continuing Fakhrizadeh's Scientific Efforts

Nov 30 Ettelaat



Khorasan Nov 8


Assassination Against Iran's Advancement

Nov 28 Khorasan



Ettelaat logo

Shamkhani: Fakhrizadeh's Achievements Will Astonish the World 

Dec 1 Ettelaat





Arman 8

Trap of Tensions: Assassination of Yet Another Nuclear Scientist

Nov 28 Arman



Etemad Logo

Report on an Assassination

Nov 28 Etemad



Aftab logo

Iran's International Legal Pursuit 

November 29 Aftab



Arman 8

Rouhani: Iran will Respond to Israel's Warmongering

Nov29 Arman



Mardom Logo

Netanyahu and Trump's Joint Madness in the Absard Assassination

November 29 Mardom


Photo Credits: All photos from Iran Front Pages (CC By 4.0)


Andrew Hanna, a program specialist at the U.S. Institute of Peace, and Ashley Lane, an intern at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, assembled this report.