Iran Media on the U.N.

Iranian newspapers, which reflect a broad spectrum of political views, provided positive coverage of President Hassan Rouhani’s visit to New York City for the U.N. General Assembly opening. Even the hardline newspaper, Kayhan, which is often critical of Rouhani, ran an editorial titled “Mr. Rouhani! Bravo.” Newspapers highlighted Rouhani’s many meetings with foreign leaders, emphasizing that Iran is not isolated despite U.S. sanctions. They also portrayed Rouhani as steadfast for refusing to meet with Trump for negotiations while Iran is under sanctions. The following is a rundown of headlines and front pages from a range of Iranian newspapers adapted from IFP News.


Etemad (reformist newspaper) on September 24

War of Preconditions in New York

Rouhani Visits U.N. Despite U.S.’ Stonewalling

Iran’s Olive Branch on World’s Table



Ebtekar (centrist newspaper) on September 25

Macron’s Efforts Will Only Work If Trump’s Sanctions Removed: Rouhani

Europeans Escape by Issuing Anti-Iran Statement

Iran Sanctions Not Lifted, but Will Be Increased: Trump



Iran (conservative newspaper) on September 25

Iran Center of Consultations in New York

Merkel Calls for Respecting JCPOA (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action), Removal of Sanctions

Rouhani Meets German, French, Swiss, Japanese, Spanish, Pakistani Leaders



Jomhouri Eslami (conservative newspaper) on September 25

Central Bank Chief: Weapon of U.S. Sanctions Not Sharp Anymore

Rouhani: Macron’s Efforts Will Only Work If Trump Sanctions Removed



Shargh (reformist newspaper) on September 25

Trump Repeating Himself: Iran Among Major Parts of Trump’s U.N. General Assembly Speech

Iran’s First Vice President: We’ll Stand Up to Problems Despite All Economic Pressures



Aftab-e Yazd (reformist newspaper) on September 26

Failure of Strategy

Macron, Johnson Fail to Force Rouhani into Holding Unconditional Talks with Trump

Final Solution: Democracy Inside, Diplomacy Outside



Kayhan (hardline newspaper) on September 26

No to Negotiations under Sanctions; U.S. Is International Bandit

Rouhani’s Speech Full of Honor

Mr. Rouhani! Bravo [Editorial]



Abrar (conservative newspaper) on September 28

Leader: Iran Must Stop Pinning Hope on Europeans

Rouhani: Americans Sent Message to Almost All Leaders Saying They’re Ready for Talks

Trump Administration’s New Sanctions against Entry of Iranian Officials into U.S.



Javan (hardline newspaper) on September 28

Iran’s [Supreme] Leader: All Hopes on Europe Must Be Cut

We Should Never Trust Countries Openly Hostile to Iran

Europe, Which Wasn’t ‘in JCPOA’, Threatens to Leave It!



Kayhan (hardline newspaper) on September 28

Iran’s [Supreme] Leader: Europeans’ Promises Hollow, We Should Stop Pinning Hope on Them

Europe’s Ridiculous Threat: We’ll Leave JCPOA!

Trump Bans Entry of Top Iranian Officials, Relatives to U.S.



Sazandegi (centrist newspaper) on October 1

New York Not the End

Why Was Rouhani Laughing?

How Rouhani Refused to Sit for Talks [with the United States] at the Last Second



Translations were adapted from Iran Front Page News (CC BY 4.0).