Rouhani Speech on Revolution Anniversary

February 10, 2017

On February 10, President Hassan Rouhani addressed demonstrators celebrating the 38th anniversary of the Islamic revolution. The following are remarks from the speech via his office's website. 

Rouhani“The Islamic revolution is the most important turning point of our country’s history.”

“Iran’s 1979 revolution freed the country from depending on outsiders and put the fate of the country in the hands of the nation.”

“The Islamic revolution belongs to all Iranian regions, ethnic groups, and generations.”

“The causes and ideas of our revolution are alive and will stay alive. Being committed to the revolution means more dynamism, resistance and freedom seeking.”

“Today is the day of consolidating republicanism and Islamism, freedom and independence, constitutional rights and dignity of the Iranian nation and the day of demanding citizenship rights.”

“We follow the path of our martyrs and war veterans and will never abandon the path of the revolution, Imam and the Supreme Leader under any circumstances.”

“Our economy is in its transitional phase from depression to prosperity and progress and the economic infrastructures are heading towards advancement and progress.”

“Today our nuclear rights are recognized in the entire world and the products of our nuclear industry are being exported to the world.”

“The Arak reactor will be reconstructed and restored more modern than before and we have achieved the most modern centrifuges.”

“We regained our rights by our successful diplomacy in OPEC.”

“We have filed a complaint to the Hague against the United States and will never relinquish it until a result is yielded.”

“For the first time in 37 years, our export rate has overtaken non-oil imports.”

“Until there is [an end to] corruption, the progress that the nation is looking for will not be possible.”

“The novice politicians taking power in the region and the world should know that Iranian nation must be talked to with respect.”

“Those who threat our government and armed forces should know that the Iranian nation are integrated and vigilant and will stand against the enemies forever.”

“We are not seeking tension in the region and the world but will stand against those who want to take advantage of our country.”

“We tell the enemies that this place is called Iran, the land of lions, and nobody can seek advantage of this great country.”