Poll: Banks Most Corrupt Institutions in Iran

Iranians see banks as the most corrupt type of institution among 14 different types, according to a new survey by U.S.-based Information and Public Opinion Solutions (IPOS). Some 77 percent of those surveyed said banks were corrupt. And some 63 percent of participants thought the judiciary and municipal governments were corrupt. The poll also found that 51 percent of Iranians think that corruption is common in their country. Iranians, however, are split on the issue of whether or not corruption will be reduced or get worse in the next five years. The following are key results of the poll conducted from Sept. 26, 2015 to Oct. 8, 2015 and based on a sample of 1548 Iranian adults.  


Some 54 percent of Iranians believe that government officials will pay greater attention to corruption as a result of the nuclear agreement announced by Iran and the world’s six major powers in July 2015. 
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