Rouhani Hails Nuclear Deal Implementation

On January 17, President Hassan Rouhani welcomed implementation of the nuclear deal as a victory for Iran. “Today we have reached a landmark where our nuclear program is not a tool for sanctions and pressure from the side of enemies, but rather a new chapter in developing scientific, technological, trade, and economic relations,” he said in a televised press conference. Rouhani said the nuclear deal “opened new windows for engagement with the world.” He also posited that it would improve political and economic conditions across the region. Rouhani cited it as a proof that two parties can solve a dispute through reasoning. The following are excerpted remarks released by Rouhani’s office with tweets from his official account. 

“After 12 years resistance, sacrifice, and attempts by the nuclear scientists and martyrs, diplomats, lawyers, and political officials of the country, today we have reached a landmark where our nuclear program is not a tool for sanctions and pressure from the side of enemies, but rather a new chapter in developing scientific, technological, trade, and economic relations.”
“From today on, our traders and entrepreneurs can start their trade and export activities through legal and normal channels with more facilities.”
“Moreover, our banks can receive their needed monetary and banking services from banks from around the world and provide the people with them.”
“From today on, purchasing modern airplanes can be done by companies that want to provide people with services; this can result in more aerial safety for the great people of Iran.”
“From today on, the frozen assets which belong to the Iranian nation will be free to access for economic activities.”
“Iranian nation proved that the idea of constructive interaction is right and we can interact with the world to the benefit of our nation, while it is not to the detriment of others.”
“As the JCPOA [Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action] implemented, it became clear that our country is a great political and diplomatic power, while many others within the country, region, and world did not believe that our diplomats could sit across the negotiation table and defend the rights of people.”
“This success is the result of resistance, integrity, unity, and linkage between different branches and pillars of the system; if there was not national unity and people backed down under unjust pressure from others, today they would not taste the sweet taste of victory.”
“If there was no science, technology, and the art of diplomacy, we would not have succeeded. We sent our best and seasoned diplomats to the negotiation table and we saw they brought victory for our people.”
“During this very short time after the implementation of JCPOA, thousands of LCs have been opened in various banks across the globe and we can use them.”
“We are in conditions that because of stagnation and economic issues during the recent years we need capital to ensure economic growth in the country; JCPOA has removed the obstacles but we need more attempts and hard work to reach economic prosperity and create jobs for our youth.”
“In the path of securing out needs for capital and technology, the country is now ready to welcome entrepreneurs. We need to activate the private sector and involve it in investment to achieve economic growth.”
“Our economy is stable and the government has proved that it will fulfil its economic commitments.”
“Government and the private sector should join hands to attract more capital which is to the benefit of the country and creates jobs for the youth.”
“The current commitment is made by the government of US and these commitments will continue, regardless of which government comes to office.”
“The world has reached this conclusion that the path of sanctions is not correct and considers it as a lose-lose situation. Today everybody has realized that the Iranian nation is trustable and has not deviated from its nuclear programs; this is because the true face of our nation has been clearer to the world.”
“JCPOA can be used as a model for solving regional issues. JCPOA means that two parties which have discord with each other can solve this discord through reasoning.”
“We believe that with JCPOA implementation, both economic and political conditions of the region will improve and we can solve regional issues.”

“Saudi Arabia’s behavior does not comply with moral issues and even diplomatic norms. Saudi Arabia did not apologize the nations, people of which died in Mina. It is bombarding the people of Yemen for months now and this act is condemned from any fair point of view.”