Election Results 4: Newspaper Headlines

Iran’s diverse newspapers portrayed the results of Iran’s elections differently depending on their political affiliations. Reformist paper Shargh Daily called the elections a "decisive victory" for centrist and reformist allies of President Hassan Rouhani and former President Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, both of whom won seats in the Assembly of Experts. Hardline paper Kayhan, however, ran the headline "Principlists Hold National Majority," emphasizing instead the large share of parliamentary seats secured by conservatives. The elections took place on February 26, or the seventh of Esfand in the Iranian calendar. The following is a rundown of front pages in Iran after election day.

Reformist papers 

Translation: "Epic of hope: The people of Iran turned the 7th of Esfand [Election day] into an unforgettable day with their attendance"
Aftab-e Yazd 

Translation: "Breeze of Victory: Early statistics from counting the votes across the country tells the story of people’s widespread support of the List of Hope, which is related to the reformists"


Arman-e Emrooz
Translation: "The people finished their work: A day of value for Iranians"


Translation: "The final results of the Assembly of Experts election in Tehran: Hashemi sitting on top"


Shargh Daily 

Translation: "Decisive victory of the list of hope in Tehran: Hashemi and Rouhani at the top of Assembly of Experts"


Translation: "All 30 individuals" 


Translation: "Moderate principlists separated their way; Everybody came with hope"



Hardline and Conservative Papers 


Translation: "Reflection of the elections in the foreign media: The world watches Iranian patriotism"
Translation: "Grandeur of national power"
Translation: "The 7th of Esfand [Election day] became immortal: Viva the nation"
Translation: "Day of nation’s judgement"




Translation: "Iranians’ enemies dumb-struck: With maximum attendance at the ballot box, the people accepted the Supreme Leader’s call"



Translation: "A nation’s show of strength: The filling of the ballot boxes emptied the heart of the enemy"


Translation: "President: We respect any Majles composition"
Vatan Emrooz
Translation: "Iran’s vote to Principlists"

Translation: "Principlists Hold National Majority"


Translation: "The big lie: 111 is greater than 153!"



Centrist papers 

Translation: "Hopeful presence"




Translation: "Nation's acceptance of leader, elites"


Photo credits: Iran Front Page