Revolution I: Khamenei, Rouhani Speeches

Iran celebrated the 37th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution for 11 days from February 1 to February 11. On February 8, Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei warned that Iran’s enemies were trying to undermine the revolution through cultural and economic invasion. Tens of thousands turned out in Tehran to hear President Hassan Rouhani speak on February 11. He called on Iran’s political factions to put their aside their differences and participate in the upcoming elections.

February 1 marked the day Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini returned to Iran from exile and kicked off the Ten Days of Dawn, culminating in mass rallies on February 11. The following are excerpted remarks by officials on the occasion of the revolution’s anniversary. 
Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei

Feb. 8, 2016, in a speech to Air Force commanders and staff 
“Peoples’ massive presence in the Esfand 7 (February 26) elections, like fresh blood, will guarantee the dignity and might of Iran and the [Islamic Republics] establishment and will neutralize the objectives of the deceitful and cunning enemy."
“The presence of people in the Bahman 22 rallies over the past 37 years has been a physical presence along with willpower and determination and affection and support, and this year, with God’s grace, people’s presence in the streets will be eye-catching, enemy-crushing and disheartening for ill-wishers.”
“Since the victory of the Islamic Revolution up to the present time, under any circumstances, including harsh weather conditions and in the midst of problems, people have always attended the feast of the [Islamic] Revolution on Bahman 22.”
“Most of those who have taken part in the [annual] demonstration [of the Revolution] in recent years had not experienced the days of the Revolution and Bahman 22, 1357 (February 11, 1979, the day when the Islamic Revolution became victorious) due to their [young] age, but this never-ending chain [of demonstrations] proves the [nation’s] power to recreate the Revolution.”
“The truth about the Revolution must always remain alive in the minds of people, because the Islamic Revolution is just halfway through [toward achieving its goals] and it needs its main goals to be kept alive in order to strengthen its pillars and achieve its lofty goals.”
“The fundamental goal of the enemy front is to make these lofty goals be forgotten, and finally [to cause] a change in the behavior and ‘internal transformation of the Islamic Republics establishment.”
“All efforts of the extended front of ill-wishers of the Islamic establishment is to prevent the Islamic Republic from continuing to move towards dignifying and power-boosting goals and to restore the foreigners’ dominance on the country.”
“Today, the main plan for confronting the Islamic establishment is [waging] soft war to strip Iran’s establishment and people of the elements of power.”
“If a nation is weakened, no hard war would be needed any longer to confront it.”
“The only way to prevent such a horrendous situation is to protect and safeguard revolutionary thought in ‘practice and behavior and [in] orientations and regulations and law.”
“By exercising its natural right [by holding elections], the nation enters the arena at the right time in order to make decisions about which one of the officials whom they have previously elected should stay or leave [their posts].”
Elections are like “refreshment of the nation and [pledging] fresh allegiance to the goals of the Revolution.”
“My insistence on everybody’s presence in elections is because public participation dignifies and insures the country and the establishment, [and] therefore participation in this huge event is an obligation for all people.”
“In the face of all these conspiracies, the nation rushed to the Islamic establishments help, and the Almighty turned the Islamic Republic and the Iranian nation into a regional power and, with regard to some cases, into an effective and influential global power through His reciprocal assistance.”
“The dignity and honor and authority of the homeland and the nation are tied to fulfillment of revolutionary duties, which taking part in elections is among the most significant of these duties.”
"With Almighty’s assistance, officials are working and making efforts, but they must be careful not to be preoccupied with everyday election-related hype, so that they would neglect forget to deal with important issues, particularly the economy.”
“Despite all its importance, this issue is ephemeral and what would remain after a few weeks is the country’s basic issues, including making the economy resistant [to outside influences].”
“By relying on these unique assets [natural resources], the country’s economy is so resistant that the enemy would think twice about [exerting] economic pressures to impose its demands [on Iran].”
“By directing [the country’s] assets towards industrial and agricultural production, prosperity of production and resolving the problem of stagnation, officials must accelerate the country’s progress to make the enemy understand that sanctions are useless.”
“If this goal [of self-sufficiency] is realized, appropriate solutions will be also found for creating jobs for the youth, unemployment and other economic woes.”
“Those who neglect their enemies and pin hopes on them will never win peoples praise.”
“The enemy smiles, [and] you smile as well, but one must watch out for the ruse that is hidden behind the enemy’s smile.”
"The enemy’s plots with regard to such issues as security, [peoples’] livelihood, culture, the youth, social maladies and other issues must be understood and, in order to counter them, policymaking, [and] legislative [steps must be taken] and [other necessary] measures [must] be [also] taken and discussions must be held.”
“When the enemy disguises himself as friend, he can do things under that disguise that no enemy can.” (Quote by Persian poet Sadi of Shiraz)
“Americans refuse to answer the simplest question [posed] by the world public opinion about their support for the perpetrators of [ongoing] savage crimes in Yemen, and outrageously continue to support those who are committing the most ruthless form of state terrorism in killing the innocent people of Yemen.”
“They are supporting the child-killing Zionist regime and their regional allies, who know nothing about elections and do not understand elections at all.”
“The American administration is so shameless that it commits the most savage actions and then smiles to you. Should we not be totally careful in the face of such an enemy?”
Feb. 3, 2016, in a meeting with the Supreme National Security Council 
President Hassan Rouhani
Feb. 11, 2016, in a speech in Azadi Square in Tehran and in remarks to reporters
“We will achieve all of our ideals by people’s support, unity, and integrity.”
“Today the Islamic Iran is the safest country in the region and the whole world is eying dear Iran’s activities.”
“Iranians will not give in to any pressure and threat.”
“With people’s support and the Supreme Leader of the Revolution’s guidance, we can accomplish all our goals.”
“The people of Iran defended their country against foreign aggressors during the eight-year [with Iraq]… and showed the world that they stood up against aggression with all their might. They did not bow to unprecedented international sanctions over the past decade.”
Iranians “proved that portrayals of Iran as a threat to regional countries was a lie. Iranians also proved all [allegations] that the nation was seeking WMDs and nuclear weapons were baseless and unfounded.”
“We are capable of competing with the world in terms of economy and industry.”
“Iranians will never yield to any pressure. Our nuclear victory showed to the world that Iranians are capable of winning any battle, including diplomatic battles."
“Political factions should put aside any confrontation ... we need consensus now. Don't turn your backs on the ballot boxes.”
“True (conservatives), true reformists and true moderates are all revolutionary.”
“In our time, 'revolutionary' means being in favor of participation, tolerance, and resistance, and having goods capable of competition in world markets.”
“Our vote will be a vote for hope, rationality, law and the protection of the rights of the Iranian nation.”
“It is a 'No' to those who do not respect the law and seek confrontation.”
Feb. 10, 2016, in a meeting with foreign ambassadors
“Considering the Islamic Republic of Iran’s geographic and strategic location, as well as its extensive economic capabilities and facilities, we are ready to interact and cooperate with all countries of the world.”
“Interaction and economic cooperation with the Islamic Republic of Iran as the cheapest communication path is beneficial to the world’s economy and trade.”
“Iranian people led a huge revolution to victory 37 years ago for independence, freedom, and national sovereignty, despite oppositions by the world powers, and they have been eager to have good relations with their neighbors and the world.”
“The 11th government stated since its early days in office that if respect replaces sanctions, the nuclear issue will be solvable through negotiation.”
“The people of the world understood during the negotiations that Iranophobia is not real and the Iranian people are peace-loving and peace-seeking.”
“Serious fight against terrorism and restoring stability to the sensitive Middle East region is very important to Iran and our main goal is to combat terrorism and put an end to instability in the whole region.”
“We neither have started, nor favor continuing tensions in the region.”
“Terrorism and its roots, which are ignorance, poverty, and unemployment in the region, should be confronted with.”
Feb. 1, 2016, after meeting the heads of other government branches
“All of what we have, are due to the Islamic Revolution, the Ten Days of Dawn, and endeavors by the Iranian nation, led by Imam Khomeini, which brought us dignity, freedom, independence, Islamic ethics, and the Islamic Republic.”
“Reaching development is not only possible through coordination and communion among the three branches and all branches should join hands in using the post-JCPOA atmosphere to the benefit of the people, the country and job creation for the youth.”
“What the supreme leader and the Iranian nation want today, is a great election in the country, therefore, how a competitive election is held, will cause a move forward in political and social fields.”
Feb. 3, 2016, in a speech
"The whole world was supporting the oppressive regime but the people could reach his lofty ideals and the Islamic Revolution affected the history.”
Ali Akbar Salehi, chief of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran
“This is a day of pride for our nation. Our nation decided 37 years ago to get its independence and not to be the lackey of any superpower anymore. So ever since its revolution, it has been progressing and proceeding forward. There has been a lot of achievements this nation has achieved in these 37 years, despite the fact that we were under all sorts of sanctions. We were under all sorts of constraints and limitations, but nevertheless our nation has been able, and as you can witness, to take pride of its achievements. The other part of the world, those specific portion of the world, I’m not talking about all of them, they have to take heed of what our people say today, so that they make sure that they don’t make a mistake anymore. I mean there is no room for further mistakes on their side. They have to come to this understanding that this nation never submits itself. This nation is a proud nation. It has its roots in its history. It has 3,000 years of written history. It’s one of the very few nations that has withstood the test of time, so please stop testing this nation.”
—Feb. 11, 2016, at a rally in Tehran
Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif
“The Islamic Republic of Iran is ready to cooperate with all countries of the region to confront common challenges.”
—Feb. 10, 2016, in a meeting with foreign ambassadors
Oil Minister Bijan Namdar Zanganeh
“It’s a very good time for me and for all the Iranian people. As you mentioned, the sanction[s] [have been] lifted, and now is the time that we can expand our relationship with the international community better than before, and we are in a position to develop our country again and to be… a first power in economy, in culture, in scientific issues, and in technological issues.”
—Feb. 11, 2016, at a rally in Tehran