Poll: Iran's Minorities on the Deal

September 15, 2015

Around 76 percent of Iranians approved of the nuclear deal between Iran and the world's six major powers, according to a new poll released by iPOS (Information and Public Opinion Solutions). This figure was up from 63 percent in May.

The poll asked respondents the following question:

"As you may know, Iran and the West announced that they had come to agreement regarding the nuclear program. When we talk to people some say they favor a deal, some say not. What do you think? Would you say you favor a deal between Iran and the West or not?"

Support for the deal varied among Iran's ethnic groups. Although a majority of all ethnicities approved of the agreement, support was highest among Iranian Kurds. Around 86 percent of Kurds approved of the deal, slightly more than the average for all Iranians.

The survey also found higher levels of support among Iranians Sunnis than Iranian Shiites. Around 82 percent of Sunnis supported the deal, compared to 75 percent of Sunnis.


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