Khamenei: Iran Can Resist Sanctions

February 18, 2015

On February 18, Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei urged Iranians to “resist sanctions” and not allow Western countries to place conditions on the country's nuclear program. In a public speech, Khamenei warned that Iran can impose sanctions on the West if necessary. “Iran has the world’s largest total reserves of oil and [natural] gas, the gas that the world and Europe are in need of,” he emphasized. The following are excerpts with a video posted on Khamenei’s quasi-official YouTube channel claiming that the U.S. government is “ignorant” about Iran and its negotiating position.

Sanctions and Nuclear Talks

“The enemy is using the lever of sanctions to the hilt and their goal is to stop our people's progress.”

“I believe that if we allow them [Western countries] to dictate to us on the nuclear issue, they will still keep the sanctions in place because what they are against is the very foundation of our revolution.”

“Serious work must take place. We can withstand the sanctions and neutralize and foil the enemy's goals. If we don't, the enemy would proceed and place conditions on our nuclear program and impose sanctions.”
“If sanctions are to be the way, the Iranian nation can also do it. A big collection of the world's oil and gas is in Iran so Iran if necessary can hold back on the gas that Europe and the world is so dependent on.”


“They [U.S. officials] wrote a letter to the Iranian foreign ministry promising not to support Daesh [Islamic State], not knowing that the evidence in photographs of their military assistance to Daesh was already in the hands of the revolutionary forces.”


The following video was also published on Khamenei’s YouTube channel on February 18.

*Translations via Reuters and Press TV