Gallup: Most Iranians Support Nuclear Program Despite Sanctions

February 7, 2013

            Nearly half of Iranians said international sanctions have hurt their personal livelihoods a great deal, according to a new Gallup survey. Another 35 percent said sanctions have somewhat affected their livelihoods. Despite the impact of sanctions, 63 percent of surveyed Iranians said they still support the controversial nuclear program.
            Only one in 10 Iranians blamed their own government for sanctions. But nearly half blamed the United States, which implemented new penalties on Tehran’s oil and media sectors on February 6. The results may indicate that sanctions are not persuading Iranians or their leaders to change their stance on the nuclear issue. The following are excerpts from the Gallup survey, with a link to the full report at the end.


President Barack Obama on Thursday signed into law a new round of sanctions that aim to further isolate Iran from the global economy by targeting its energy and media sectors. The Obama administration has imposed the toughest sanctions Iran has ever faced. For an oil-producing country that strategically sits between East and West, the sanctions will no doubt limit Iran's role in the global economy.


Iranians' Wellbeing Low Amid Sanctions

Despite Effects of Sanctions, Many Iranians Support Nuclear Program


Iranians Hold U.S. Most Responsible for Sanctions





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