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Iran Condemns Paris Shooting

On January 9, President Hassan Rouhani condemned violence perpetrated in Islam’s name.

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Iran's Leaders on Iraq Crisis and ISIS

             Iran’s policy on Iraq has evolved as the Islamic State (IS) has taken more territory since June.

Sanctions: What the US Cedes for a Deal

            Since 2006, the United States has imposed more sanctions on Iran than any other country, so it may have to cede the most ground

Iran's Leaders on Iraq Crisis and ISIS

            Iran’s leaders are unified in their support for the Iraqi government against The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS

US Report on Iran’s Support of Extremism

      Iran used its Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps Qods Force and regional prox

Treasury Targets Sanctions Evaders

            On February 6, the Treasury announced sanctions targeting entities and individuals across Europe and the Middle East for evadi

US Report on Iran's Support of Extremism

            Iran significantly increased its sponsorship of terrorism in 2012, according to a new report by the State Department.

Al Qaeda and Iran: Enemies with Benefits

Matthew Duss

Iran Condemns Boston Attack, Slams U.S. Policy

            Iran's supreme leader condemned the two bomb blasts at the Boston Marathon, which killed three people and wounded more than 170

G8 Statement on Iran

            On April 11, the G8 urged Iran to cooperate with the United Nations on its nuclear program to avoid further isolation.

Hagel’s Past Comments on Iran

            On January 7, President Obama nominated former Senator Chuck Hagel to be the Secretary of Defense during his second term.

U.S. Targets Iran-based al Qaeda Branch

            On October 18, the U.S. Treasury sanctioned the deputy of an al Qaeda branch operating in Iran.

US Tightens Sanction Loopholes

            On October 9, the United States moved to tighten loopholes in its Iran sanctions.

US takes MEK off terrorism list

            On Sept. 28, the U.S.

Canada Closes Iran Embassy, Expels Iranian Diplomats

On September 7, Foreign Minister John Baird announced that Canada has closed its embassy in Tehran and expelled Iranian diplomats in Ottawa.

Iran “Leading” State Sponsor of Terrorism

On July 31, the State Department reported that Iran is the world’s “leading” state sponsor of terrorism.

Hillary Clinton and Shimon Peres on Iran

On June 12, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and Israeli President Shimon Peres held a public discussion in Washington on critical Middle East issues to celebrate the 10th

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