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The Iran Primer

Persian Gulf

Gulf III: Iran’s Power in the Sea Lanes

Michael Connell

Gulf II: Timeline of U.S.-Iran Encounters

Michael Connell

         Iranian and U.S.

Gulf I: Iran’s Power in the Air

Michael Elleman

Panetta: New U.S. Strategy to Counter Iran

            On December 18, Secretary of Defense Leon E. Panetta outlined a new U.S.

Striking Iran: An Avoidable Disaster?

            Iran’s most advanced missiles cannot reliably reach Israel, according to a new study by the Middle East Pol

The Limits on U.S. Military Options

On Sept.6, Anthony Cordesman and Abdullah Toukan of the Center for Strategic and International Studies released a report assessing U.S. military options in Iran. It noted that U.S.

Iran Ratchets Up Tensions over Gulf Islands

Ted Wynne 
Longstanding tensions between Iran and its Arab neighbors are intensifying because of rival territorial claims over three strategic isl

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