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The Iran Primer


US and Saudi Arabia: Differences on Iran

Interview with David Ottaway by Faris Al Sulayman

Rouhani in Oman to Boost Trade, Gulf Ties

             On March 12, President Hassan Rouhani arrived in Oman for his first official visit to an Arab country since his August inaug

US General on Iran: Challenge & Opportunity

      On March 5, U.S.

Political Cartoons I: The Arabs and Iran

            The following political cartoons reflect the Arab world’s growing alarm over the potential for progress on Iran’s

Political Cartoons II: Iran and the Arabs

            The following political cartoons illustrate Iranian views of Arab reactions to progress on solving the nuclear dispute.

Facts and Figures on Sunni-Shiite Balance

            The rivalry between Shiite Iran and Sunni Arab states reflects the deepest schism in the Islamic world.

GCC Annual Summit: Communique on Iran

            On December 11, the Gulf Cooperation Council issued a communique welcoming Tehran’s new efforts to engage with member sta

Report: Iran’s Missiles Raise Tensions in Gulf

            Iran has raised tensions in the Middle East by increasing the number, range and capability of its rockets and missiles, accordi

Zarif Tries to Calm Nervous Gulf States

            Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif tried to calm Gulf states nervous about the Geneva nuclear agreement and Iran’s re

Geneva Deal V: Israel and the Gulf Reaction

            On November 24, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu blasted the interim agreement on Tehran’s nuclear program, cal

Part I: Opposition to a Deal - The Gulf

Robin Wright and Garrett Nada

Gulf III: Iran’s Power in the Sea Lanes

Michael Connell

Gulf II: Timeline of U.S.-Iran Encounters

Michael Connell

         Iranian and U.S.

Gulf I: Iran’s Power in the Air

Michael Elleman

Chuck Hagel on Iran at Senate Hearing

            On January 31, defense secretary nominee Chuck Hagel said the United States should pursue all diplomatic options with Iran, inc

U.S. Intelligence: Iran Key to Future Mideast Stability

            Iran’s potential decision to build a nuclear weapon may be the key variable in the future stability of the Middle East, a

The Limits on U.S. Military Options

On Sept.6, Anthony Cordesman and Abdullah Toukan of the Center for Strategic and International Studies released a report assessing U.S. military options in Iran. It noted that U.S.

Obama Moves Toward Sanctioning Iran Oil

      On March 30, President Obama issued the following memorandum for the Secretary of State, the Secretary of the Treasury, the Secretary of Energy.

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