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EU for Iran Role in Syria Diplomacy, Greater Engagement

            On April 3, the European Union Parliament passed a resolution calling for an Iranian role in Syria diplomacy and greater E.U.-I

Pix: Zarif and Ashton The Ups and Downs

             Iran’s tenuous relationship with the West has been illustrated by the ups and downs in the relationship between Foreig

EU’s Ashton on Landmark Visit to Iran

            E.U. foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton arrived in Tehran on March 8 for a two-day visit—the first visit by an E.U.

Western Countries Flood Tehran

            At least a dozen delegations of lawmakers, officials and businessmen have visited Iran since th

Day 1 of Nuke Deal: US, IAEA, EU Remarks

            The nuclear deal between Iran and the world’s six major powers went into effect on January 20.

World Leaders on Upcoming Diplomatic Talks

      World leaders expressed skepticism that the second round of diplo

Report: Principles for Unwinding Sanctions

            Iran may be ready to limit its nuclear program in exchange for sanctions relief, but removing punitive measures would require &

US Expands Sanctions, EU Court Voids Others

            On September 6, Iran faced new sanctions imposed by the United States as the top European court mandated the lifting of sanctio

Rouhani: World Reacts to Election

            World leaders issued diverse reactions to the stunning election of Hassan Rouhani to Iran’s presidency.

Part II: Sanctions Hit Iran’s Oil Production

            Iran’s oil production dropped 17 percent in 2012, according to a new according to a new report by the U.S.

Part I: Iran Oil Sales Plummet

            In 2012, Iran’s oil exports dropped to their lowest level since 1986, according to a new report by the U.S.

Where Does Nuclear Diplomacy Stand Now?

Interview with Michael Adler by Garrett Nada

Where Does Nuclear Diplomacy Stand Now?

Interview with Michael Adler by Garrett Nada

Little Progress at Fifth Round of Nuke Talks

            Iran and the world’s six major powers failed to compromise on Tehran’s controversial nuclear program in the fifth

E.U. Sanctions Cyber Police, Judges and Media

            On March 11, the European Union announced new sanctions against Iranian cyber police, judges, and media officials linked to th

World Powers Seek Early Results from Nuke Talks

            On March 5, the six world powers called for “tangible” and early results from their negotiations with Iran.

Sanctions and Medical Supply Shortages in Iran

            Sanctions have unintentionally played a key role in creating shortages of life-saving medical supplies and drugs in Iran, accor

Letter Appeals to Obama, Khamenei from Former Iran Parliamentarians

            On January 7, seven former Iranian parliamentarians called for direct talks between Washington and Tehran on the nuclear issue

Sanctions Bite, Iran Scrambles

Gary Clyde Hufbauer 

Sanctions Bite, Iran Scrambles

Gary Clyde Hufbauer 

Escalating US-Iran Rivalry

            On October 10, the Center for Strategic and International Studies warned that sanctions and diplomatic isolation may not convin

U.S. Welcomes E.U. Sanctions

            On October 15, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said that “Iran is under more pressure than ever before” tha

E.U. Imposes New Sanctions

            On October 15, the European Union targeted Iran’s nuclear program with new sanctions on its financial, energy, trade, and

How much oil does Europe buy from Iran?

Iran announced on Feb. 19 that it would halt all oil sales to France and Britain, a response to new EU sanctions on Iranian oil imports due to go into effect this summer.

U.S. lauds EU sanctions, imposes its own

President Obama’s Statement on EU’s New Iran Sanctions, on Jan. 23

Why the Istanbul talks failed

Michael Adler in Istanbul

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