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Poll: Iranians See Economy Improving

Iranians believe economic conditions have improved since sanctions were eased under the Joint Plan of Action in November 2013, according to a new Gallup poll.

Economic Trends

Garrett Nada

Tags: Economy

Economy in 2014: Some Fixes, Few Solutions

Tags: Economy

World Bank: Easier to Do Business in Iran

            Iran was ranked 130 out of 189 economies by the World Bank in its new Doing Business Tags: Business, Economy, Reports

Economic Trends: Month of October

Garrett Nada

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US Treasury: Iran Remains in Economic Hole

     On July 29, Treasury Under Secretary for Terrori

Economic Trends: June and July

            The most important developments in June and July were India’s payments of two more installments of $550 million to Iran f

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Report: Rouhani's Plan to Revive Oil Industry

            President Hassan Rouhani and his oil minister, Bijan Namdar Zanganeh, have launched an ambitious reform program for the oil and

Economic Trends: Month of May

Garrett Nada

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Rouhani on Freedom, Economy & Nukes

            On April 29, President Hassan Rouhani defended his administration’s foreign and domestic policies in a primetime address

Western Countries Flood Tehran

            More than two dozen delegations of lawmakers, officials and businesspeople have visited Iran si

IMF: Iran’s Economy Stabilizing

            Iran’s economy has shown signs of stability since President Hassan Rouhani took office in August 2013, according to a ne

VIDEO: Change or More of the Same for Iran?

            On March 26, the Woodrow Wilson Center for International Scholars convened a panel of four experts to discuss prospects for Iran&r

IMF Report: Iran’s Economy Weak

            Government mismanagement, rampant inflation and international sanctions have taken a heavy toll on Iran’s economy, accord

President Rouhani’s Interview Delayed

      On February 5, President Hassan Rouhani did a live intervi

Nasser Hadian: Revolution at 35

Rouhani at Davos: Invites Oil Execs, Speech in Tweets

            On January 23, President Hassan Rouhani invited oil companies to invest in Iran in an address to some 30 executives at the Worl

Rouhani Calls for National Consensus

      On December 7, President Hassan Rouhani called for natio

Poll: Iranians Prioritize Jobs and Political Reform

           Iranians want their government to focus on the economy and political reforms this year, according to a newly released Zogby Research

Rouhani’s Next Test: Empty Coffers

Kevan Harris

Rouhani’s 100 Days: As Told in His Tweets

      On November 26, President Hassan Rouhan

Sanctions: How Much is Iran Hurting?

      Sanctions are costing Iran some $5 billion a month &mda

Gallup: Most Iranians Say Sanctions Hurting

            Some 85 percent of Iranians said international sanctions have hurt their livelihoods, according to a new poll by Gallup World.

US Report: Sanctions Biting Harder

            The Congressional Research Service periodically releases a comprehensive report on Iran sanctions impact.

Report: Gender Gap Widening

            Iran has one of the worst records on gender gap, according to a new report by the World Economic Forum.

Rouhani to Guards: Stay Out of Politics

      On September 16, President Hassan Rouhani wa

Rouhani Cabinet: Profiles

            Rouhani’s cabinet reflects a dramatic shift in the balance of power.

Rouhani Tweets: Women, Egypt, Econ & Sport

      During his first month in office, President Hassan Rouhani&

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