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Geneva Round III: High Hopes, Deep Divide

            On the eve of new talks, key players from Iran and the world’s six major powers remained firmly committed to rival positi

Iran Nuke Program 1: ABCs of Issues

      There’s no one single formula for a nuclear deal wi

Iran Nuke Program 4: ABCs of Talks So Far

           The following is a rundown of key events in diplomacy on Iran’s nuclear program since President Hassan Rouhani took office in

Khamenei’s Red Lines on Nuclear Talks

            In October and September, Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei’s office released three infographics outlining his suppor

What Rouhani's Week in New York Means for Nuclear Diplomacy with Iran

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Iran's Dinner Diplomacy

Robin Wright (for The New Yorker)

Rouhani at UN on ISIS, Nukes & US

         President Hassan Rouhani arrived in New York on September 22 to attend the U.N. General Assembly opening.

US & Iran Meet in New York


Rouhani: To Hell with Critics of Diplomacy

           In an annual address to Iranian ambassadors, President Hassan Rouhani called critics of his approach to nuclear talks cowards.

US & Iran on Nuclear Talks Extension

      On July 18, the world’s six major powers and Iran agreed to a four-month e

Part I: Kerry & US on Nuke Talks Extension

      On July 18, the world’s six major powers and Iran agreed to a four-month ex

Part II: Zarif & Iran on Nuke Talks Extension

      On July 18, Iran and the world’s six ma

Part I: Kerry & US on the Nuke Talks

            On July 13, Secretary of State John Kerry arrived in Vienna to check the progress of nuclear talks between Iran and the world&r

Part II: Zarif & Iran on the Nuke Talks

            Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif reemphasized that Iran is prepared to take the necessary steps to prove that its nuclear

Report: UK Policy on Iran

            On July 14, the House of Commons Foreign Affairs Committee released a comprehensive Tags: Britain, Diplomacy, UK, United Kingdom, Reports

Poll: Majority of Americans Favor Diplomacy

           Nearly two-thirds of the American public favors making a deal with Iran that would limit its uranium enrichment capacity and impose a

Latest on Nuke Talks: What Iran, P5+1 Say

            Leaders from Iran and the six major powers have indicated that significant gaps remain between the two sides in the run-up to t

Kerry & Zarif: Rivaling Op-eds on Nuke Talks

            Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif and Secretary of State John Kerry have published rival op-eds in the run-up to a

Twiplomacy Report on Iran’s Leaders

            President Hassan Rouhani’s Twitter account saw the most impressive growth in followers last year among accounts of other wor

Roundup of Briefings as Drafting Begins

            The world’s six major powers and Iran began drafting a final nuclear deal during a four-day round of talks that ended on

US Briefs on June Vienna Talks

      On June 16, the U.S.

Rouhani: Mixed Bag One Year Later

Shaul Bakhash

Flurry of Diplomacy As Final Push Begins

            Diplomacy is accelerating in the run-up to the July 20 deadline for a nuclear deal.

G-7 Statement on Iran

      On June 5, the leaders of Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan,

Obama at West Point : On Iran Diplomacy

      On May 28, President Bara

Javad Zarif on Iran’s Nuclear Negotiations

Robin Wright (for the The New Yorker)

Zarif & Ashton Announce June 16-20 Talks

      On May 26, E.U.

Event: Rubik’s Cube™ of a Final Agreement

            The clock is ticking on a nuclear deal with Iran. The deadline is July 20.

Report: Iran’s Missiles and a Final Deal

            Iran’s existing ballistic missiles, if fitted with a nuclear warhead, could pose a credible threat to the region.

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